Our products and platforms provide remote power cut-off for remote power-off, oil quantity detection, temperature control and other convenient functional services. The object is often the industry that needs to manage a large number of vehicles. If you are experiencing some common problems while using the SEEWORLD platform, you can try to find the answers in the questions below.

This is because the device uses the 0 time zone and needs to be modified to the East 8 time zone.

It can be modified in the “Push Settings” section of the home page.

Click the icon on the right fence on the Tracking page to set it up.

Yes, on the page of the statistical report.

Import the IMEI number of the device and then go online to use it.

According to the instruction list, it is good to send the set IP command to the device to reply successfully.

Check the status of the device and check if the device uses GPRS to connect to the server.

Check the device status and check for GPS signals.

Check if the command is correct and if apn is set correctly.

SEEWORLD devices support BEIDOU positioning system, GPS positioning system, GLS positioning system, Galileo positioning system and global GNSS navigation system.

This depends on specific models but our devices generally support IP65. There are also products that support IP67 waterproof.

2G devices are updated at default motion intervals of 10 seconds and 3 minutes for stationary, and it is recommended to use 30MB monthly traffic package for 4 hours of driving per day.50MB per month is recommended if the running time is longer. 4G devices are updated at default motion interval of 10 seconds and 3 minutes at rest, for 4 hours of driving per day, 50MB per month is recommended. If you use more than that time, it is recommended to use 100MB traffic package.

Vehicle anti-theft, asset management, fleet management, fleet tracking for cleaning & laundry

Our software supports customization, please contact your account manager for details.

Our software supports customization, please contact your account manager for details.

There is devices that support 1 day positioning/time, which can use 3 years. There is also solar charging equipment that use solar power.

Our devices use satellite positioning by default. But we also support WIFI positioning, base station positioning; Bluetooth, UWB positioning is also customizable.

(1) The device is not powered on or not turned on, you can check the corresponding switch status through the card platform to determine

(2) There is a problem with the card. The flow is not available, resulting in the inability to activate

(3) The wrong number of devices, not our platform domain name, IP or port problems, this situation can send query parameters instructions to query.

(4) Not positioned state, you can move the device from indoor to outdoor. If it is already outdoors, shake the device to make it repositioned.

In order to meet the performance or cost-effective pursuit of different users, we use Qualcomm, MTK, Mobile, SIMCOM, ASR, Spread Tax and other international and domestic large manufacturers chip modules.