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Affordable OBD GPS Tracker for Fleets and Vehicles

What is an ODB GPS tracker? The OBD tracker is a small GPS positioning device that can be used by plugging directly into the OBD port on the car. Are OBD trackers worth it? Definitely yes. The OBD tracker is worth its price as it is easy to install (it simply plugs into the OBD port), and you will also find that it makes it easier to transition from one vehicle to another if needed. This is great if you might need to take it along with you to work on multiple vehicles.

OBD car/vehicle trackers do not require charging because they do not have a battery. Besides, it gathers more information than regular tracking devices. Because OBD trackers are hooked into the cars, they can gather data from them to help you better understand your vehicle.

You can monitor your vehicle’s driving behaviors and record the voice in your car. The Seeworld OBD GPS tracker detects dangerous driving habits like speeding and quick braking. You will get to know where your drivers are and how well they drove. 

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