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Welcome to the official website of SEEWORLD, we can provide you with high quality gps tracker and stable gps tracking software. If you have any needs in this regard, please come and talk to us.

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WhatsGPS - Professional GPS Tracking System


WhatsGPS offer the best way for you to have real-time information about the location and use of their vehicles and equipment assets. You save money on fuel,cell-phone hills and other operational costs,increase productivity, and prevent loss or theft of vehicles and equipment.

You access tracking information using the platform. You get to see real-time location info displayed on a map, vehicle usage (such as Historical track, frequent stop address, and lots more). You receive live alerts for specified events such as a driver leaves a defined area.

System Advantage

Multiple Languages Included
Multiple Languages Included
Manage And Charge Customers For Services
Manage and charge customers for services
Multiple Supported Devices Models
Multiple supported devices models
A Flexible Approach To Billing
A flexible approach to billing
Reports With Charts
Reports with charts
Intranets Access Is Strictly Controlled
Intranets access is strictly controlled
Data Is Strictly Confidential
Data is strictly confidential
Support Android And IOS
Support Android and IOS clients
Innovative Features To Meet Custom Needs
Innovative features to meet custom needs

Features of different devices

Our GPS tracking system can meet the basic needs of users, such as vehicle monitoring, automatic alarms and so on. In addition, WhatsGPS can also be displayed on different devices, which is convenient for different groups of people, mainly distributed in the following three types.


Our GPS tracking system web interface is intuitively clear, and it’s constantly being updated. Interface that incorporates the latest technology, working all the time, just want to provide users with the latest information. You can inquire the message you want on the page.


We also offer a mobile app that allows users to download apps on their mobile devices. In this way, relevant information can be obtained from the mobile device no matter where the user is, so the user can monitor his vehicle property security from the mobile device anywhere.

Common Functions

Commonly used feature display, you can understand the specific steps by watching the video we provide.

Real Time Tracking

Our GPS tracking system can monitor and track the position of vehicles and other objects in real time, enter the system, click on the vehicle equipment you want to track, no matter where you are, you can always know the geographical location of the object and protect the safety of the vehicle.

Set Geofence

You can set the fence boundary in a custom zone and automatically send an alarm when an object enters or leaves the marked fence.

Set Oil Parameters

You can set the fuel sensitivity parameter on the system and set the fuel quantity alarm. When the vehicle fuel is running out, the user can be notified in time to avoid the sudden exhaustion of fuel during the driving process and delay the trip.

Historical Playback

Our GPS tracking system will record the trajectory of the the vehicle within 6 months. When you need it, you can play back the trajectory based on the date and the speed of the playback.

Set Vehicle Information

You can set the fuel sensitivity parameter on the system and set the fuel quantity alarm. When the vehicle fuel is running out, the user can be notified in time to avoid the sudden exhaustion of fuel during the driving process and delay the trip.

Renewal Fee

You can also renew their own devices directly on the GPS tracking system. There are also batch operations for renewing multiple devices, which is convenient for operation and allows users to quickly recharge, so as to avoid the device from being deactivated due to arrears.

System Applicable Object

Vehicle Fleet

For the enterprise industry with a large number of vehicles, our GPS tracking system can provide unified supervision of these vehicles, save fuel and other operating costs for the fleet, and improve employee productivity, including automotive leasing ,logistics and other industries.

Service Providers

Better monitor and manage vehicle-related information, keep abreast of the state of the car, better serve others, and protect their own interests. It can be applied to passenger transportation, auto finance and other industries.


Realize the interaction between people and vehicles, help users to grasp the location of their vehicles anytime and anywhere, in order to prevent theft and other situations, to protect their property security.

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