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Dash Cam

SEEWORLD develops and supplies dash cam products built for various driving conditions.

We provide dashboard camera devices and systems with numerous cameras, including road-facing, driver-facing, inward-facing, side-mounted, and backup cameras, to assist you to monitor and safeguarding your cargoes, drivers, and cars in the yard.

In addition to everything else that a dashcam can do, our dashcams are equipped with GNSS modules to track the locations of your vehicles when exceptions like collisions or reckless driving occur and to save the video footage on the device or on a cloud server as proof to clear innocent drivers in the event of false claims.

By connecting your devices to our WhatsGPS platform, you can gain a more thorough understanding of your fleet.

You can follow numerous vehicles at once on WhatsGPS and watch their live video stream.

To meet your industry-specific demands, we provide OEM, ODM, and OBM services in addition to ready-to-deploy systems (including IoT SIM cards for global connection). Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.