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Our tracking platform – WhatsGPS – offer the best way for you to have real-time information. Drive your business with the right management solution. Track your assets on a single platform.

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The Challenges

Keeping clients satisfied is as crucial to you as making sales. Putting the appropriate person in the right role might seem straightforward, but when you have to juggle various sources of information and a constrained amount of time to plan your operations, things can quickly become excruciatingly difficult.

On the other side, nothing is more annoying than a non-responsive organization, thus you don’t want your customer to wait too long for maintenance and servicing.

You require a reliable fleet solution that helps you to increase the effectiveness, responsiveness, and quality of your services.

SEEWORLD fleet management software can be useful in this situation. With WhatsGPS fleet GPS tracking platform, you can safeguard your fleet by knowing the precise location of every vehicle thanks to our dependable technology and quick networking.


SEEWORLD Provides Real-time, Accurate, and Stable Truck Tracking Devices

Most SEEWORLD GPS tracking devices are accurate to within 10 meters, allowing users to have fairly accurate location information. Our GPS tracking system can meet the basic/advanced needs of users, such as vehicle monitoring, automatic alarms, and so on.  In addition, WhatsGPS can also be displayed on different platforms. Open protocol. With WhatsGPS, you can locate your vehicles and know the exact location of your assets no matter where they are located in real-time. 

WhatsGPS Helps You Track What Matters Most

Our GPS tracking system (WhatsGPS) can meet the basic needs of users, such as vehicle monitoring, automatic alarms, and so on. In addition, WhatsGPS can also be displayed on different devices.

With the free WhatsGPS mobile app for iPhone and Android, your alerts go with you : get real-time location updates on your phone, tablet or computer. In addtion, you can customize alerts to know where your GPS tracker is at all times.

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No matter your challenges and visions, we are looking forward to learning about them, and exploring how we can solve them together.

GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet & Truck

SEEWORLD GPS trackers are the perfect solution for tracking fleet vehicles. We provide premium-quality GPS trackers for buses, trucks, passenger cars, logistic vehicles, buses, school buses, and private cars. motorcycle and other vehicles. 

Our Fleet Tracking Solution Has It All! ​

PC & Mobile Applications

Web Platform

The platform web page is straightforward, incorporates the latest technology, and is suitable for any web browser. It can be used to open and query vehicle information on the webpage, which is simple and convenient. (Test account: test01, password: 123456)

Mobile App

WhatsGPS also implements a mobile app that lets you view your vehicle information at any time, no matter where you are, and delivers a great user experience.

Key Features of WhatsGPS Visual Fleet Management Platform

Geo-Fence Alarm

Fuel Detection

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is easy, you can either click start now to create an account and log in to WhatsGPS right away or contact our sales team at for a more tailored sales process. Either way, you and your fleet can start using WhatsGPS today!