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The Challengs

Keeping clients satisfied is as crucial to you as making sales. Putting the appropriate person in the right role might seem straightforward, but when you have to juggle various sources of information and a constrained amount of time to plan your operations, things can quickly become excruciatingly difficult.

On the other side, nothing is more annoying than a non-responsive organization, thus you don’t want your customer to wait too long for maintenance and servicing.

You require a reliable fleet solution that helps you to increase the effectiveness, responsiveness, and quality of your services.

SEEWORLD fleet management software can be useful in this situation. With WhatsGPS fleet GPS tracking platform, you can safeguard your fleet by knowing the precise location of every vehicle thanks to our dependable technology and quick networking.

The Solution

SEEWORLD offers real-time, accurate, and stable GPS tracking devices for trucks, accurate to within 10 meters. Their system, WhatsGPS, caters to basic and advanced user needs like vehicle monitoring and automatic alarms, and is accessible on various platforms and devices.

WhatsGPS is particularly useful for small business owners and fleet managers who need to monitor and manage their vehicles. It includes a free mobile app for iPhone and Android, providing real-time location updates and customizable alerts on phones, tablets, or computers.

This GPS tracking solution enhances driver safety and optimizes fleet performance. It enables the management of vehicle health, compliance with legal requirements, and improved decision-making through alerts and reports. These features help track driver performance, route trends, and fuel consumption, ultimately reducing idle time and saving costs.

WhatsGPS also includes reporting tools to analyze and improve fleet performance over time. Managers can use these reports to understand operations better, identify strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize accordingly.

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