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GPS Tracking Solutions for Auto Finance

Best way for you to have real-time  information about the location and use of vehicles and assets. Improve Portfolio Performance & Increase ROI.

The Challenges

High employee attrition rates, compounded by a labor shortage, are making it difficult for the auto finance industry to hire and retain staff. 

The shift to remote work helps cut costs but introduces challenges in training, performance monitoring, and employee management. 

Auto finance companies are investing in technology to quickly train agents and enhance their productivity and retention.

Another challenge is that auto loan servicing and collections, heavily reliant on labor-intensive contact centers, can be cost-inefficient and risk compliance issues.

The Solution

The best way to safeguard and keep an eye on your assets is via vehicle monitoring for auto loans. The majority of our clients work in the sub-prime car loan and buy-here-pay-here industries. A financing contract normally requires 51 weeks to reach breakeven. So you need to monitor your vehicles in real-time to recover your assets.

Our GPS tracking system can meet both the basic and advanced needs of lenders, such as vehicle monitoring, automatic alarms, and so on. In addition, our GPS tracking solution for auto finance can also be used on different devices. With GPS tracking system, your alerts go with you: get real-time location updates on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Create/Set Geofence​

SEEWORLD auto finance tracking device is facilitated by our GEO-fencing functionality. You can demarcate the areas and drop off points to get alerts when the vehicles enter or exit the areas.

View All Devices in Main Dashboard

You can monitor all your devices on our platform with ease. Our GPS tracking system can monitor and track the position of vehicles and other objects in real-time, enter the system, click on the ‘Monitor’ button, and you can track the geographical location of the object and protect the safety of the vehicle.

Real Time Tracking

You can get your vehicles’ current location and status on a map, with updates every 10 seconds or less.

Track Playback

You can view the vehicle’s track for the past 6 months by replaying it on the platform.

Set SOS Number

When you press the SOS button on the GPS tracker, the device will call the phone number you set on the tracking system. The authorities or the user's chosen people are notified of the device's current location. This feature has been shown to be beneficial in emergency scenarios.

Expired Device Checking

Our software provides you with a very easy way to check the status and the expiration date of your account! Once you log in to our WhatsGPS tracking system, simply click on the “Overview” panel at the top left corner, and you can see the number of expired or expire soon devices.

Modify User Expiration in Bulk

You can set the expiry date of the devices directly on the GPS tracking system. There are also batch operations for handling multiple devices, which is convenient and allows you to manage your customers' subscriptions easily. 

Set Email Alarm

SEEWORLD GPS tracking devices will send alerts to the email address linked with your WhatsGPS account by default. If you constantly check your emails (which many of us do, thanks to smartphones), this might be the best option.

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