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Who We Are
Global Dynamic IoT Location Service Provider

SEEWORLD has been deeply rooted in IoT hardware and software solutions based on location services for 15 years.

SEEWORLD’s IoT terminal device products are mainly used in vehicle & mobile asset management, personal safety communication, and animal safety management fields.

The company provides customers with solutions in various fields, including automotive finance, fleet management, asset management, smart logistics, smart electric motorcycles, electric two-wheelers, smart environmental sanitation, and smart campuses.

Up to now, our business covers more than 175 countries and regions in Asia-Pacific, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and has exported more than 10 million sets of equipment.

All of our products have passed the CE, FCC, Emark, GSMA, ROHS, ISO9001, CCC, and other certifications, and obtained a number of national patents.

We have successfully served more than 5,400 cases worldwide and more than 60 Fortune 500 companies in the world and China. And we are the strategic partner of China Mobile and Alibaba.


#1 Quality-first Production

From design to development and to final products, quality checks are built into every phase of product creation. We are proud of developing GPS devices to the highest global standards and delivering reliable IoT solutions.
Besides, our advanced manufacturing center has a high capacity of 5 million units of GPS devices produced yearly. We independently complete SMT patch, assembly, functional testing, and reliability testing (including high temperature/aging testing/vibration testing/high-pressure testing, etc.)
Production Output Yearly
Factory Space

#2 Independent R&D and design ability

SEEWORLD has the ability to develop and design its own products from hardware appearance to PCB board design, sensor system, and processing system integration so that it can grasp the ability to extend the customization of products.

seeworld tracker oem and odm service

#3 Providing Customized Solutions

SEEWORLD has a rich accumulation of industry applications and has the ability to develop software based on customers’ application scenarios. Its products have core competencies in data collection, back-end response speed, stability and big data analysis.

#4 Stable equipment quality and low failure rate

Based on our own software and hardware development capability and long-term accumulation of industry applications Stable product quality, low failure rate, good reputation among major customers, and high customer stickiness. All of our products has passed more than 20 rigorous reliability testing processes.

#5 Stable Software Platform Performance

The platform has tens of millions of device access and millions of concurrency capacities, high efficiency, and excellent performance, and the architecture supports horizontal expansion.