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Portable GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life

SEEWORLD portable GPS trackers are best for cars, trucks, vans, bikes, motorcycles, and other fleet management. Support GPS/BDS/LBS Locating Modes. High Precision Positioning.

Our micro GPS tracker is small, light, and powerful, and it comes with a water-resistant magnetic shell that can be attached to any piece of equipment without the need for cabling or power.

Except for mini GPS trackers, we have hardwired tracking devices (support 2G, 3G, and 4G), and OBD trackers, providing you the freedom to select the features that best suit your company’s needs.

When you buy a small GPS tracking device from Seeworld, you will also get a user-friendly tracking platform (WhatsGPS), a smartphone app for iOS and Android, and responsive customer support from our pleasant and professional staff.

【Test WhatsGPS Track Platform APP】For testing our platform and app, you can log in by account: test01, password: 123456. SEEWORLD WhatsGPS tracking platform is a global GPS tracking system, which allows you to customize your reports and give you the level of detail you require. It may be used to keep track of and secure your employees, personal vehicles, and company fleets.