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Rental car companies can greatly benefit by using the SEEWORLD car rental tracking system, which provides you the exact location, history, tow alert, and starter disable. Moreover, you can view all your rental vehicles on a single map with a click of a button.

Why Is SEEWORLD GPS Tracker for Car Rental The Best?


SEEWORLD car rental tracking device is facilitated by our GEO-fencing functionality. You can demarcate the areas and drop-off points to get alerts when the vehicles enter or exit the areas.

remote fuel cut-off

Remote Fuel Cut-off and Power Control

The owner can remotely control the vehicle by disconnecting the fuel and electricity.

Over Speed Alarm

You will get alerts immediately when the vehicle is driven at excessive speed.

Track Playback

You can view the vehicle’s track for the past 6 months by replaying it on the platform.

ACC Detection

The owners can use ACC detection to detect whether slower-moving vehicles are in the ACC vehicle’s path. 

Real-Time Tracking

You can get your vehicles’ current location and status on a map, with updates every 10 seconds or less.

Our Car Rental GPS Tracking Platform Has It All!

SEEWORLD offers products suitable for a wide range of vehicles and many other objects. With our GPS system and our GPS trackers you can register, monitor, and secure all your equipment.



Our car rental tracking system includes geo-fences. This will alert you if the vehicle goes out of a certain perimeter. Get an email or text alert from the car tracker that this area has been exited.


Set SOS Number

When you press the SOS button on the GPS tracker, the device will call the phone number you set on the tracking system. The authorities or the user’s chosen people are notified of the device’s current location. This feature has been shown to be beneficial in emergency scenarios.


Driving Behavior Analysis

Our software provides you with a very easy way to check driving behavior analysis. The GPS device supports rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn alarm and statistical analysis.


Get the Best Car Rental Tracking System Price

Our GPS tracking system can meet both the basic and advanced needs of users, such as vehicle monitoring, automatic alarms, and so on. In addition, our GPS tracking solution for car rental (WhatsGPS) can also be used on different devices. With the free WhatsGPS mobile app for iPhone and Android, your alerts go with you: get real-time location updates on your phone, tablet, or computer.

GPS Tracking Solution for Car Rental Business

The best way to safeguard and keep an eye on your assets is via a vehicle monitoring system for car rental. Rental car companies often have easier renter criteria to compete with larger chains. This sometimes includes renting without a credit card. These renters often pay higher rental rates but have a higher risk. Car tracking units can lower that risk significantly.


Why People Love Us

This is the 5th time I purchased GPS trackers from SEEWORLD. The location is accurate and the battery life is long enough. Follow the instructions step by step. Then you just lay back and enjoy this stable tidy device
The GPS location is accurate and the WhatsGPS app is user-friendly. I had some trouble setting it up at first but Sugar was able to help me through WhatsApp.
Mr. Joe
Setting up this product was a breeze, and when I had a small issue, technical support was responsive and knowledgeable.