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Professional IOT GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles

SEEWORLD® supplies a full range of vehicle GPS tracking devices, including wired GPS trackers, wireless GPS trackers, OBD/OBD2 plug-in trackers, and 2G/3G/4G IoT GPS trackers. By leveraging real-time GPS tracking devices, you can protect and fully utilize your utility trailer, truck, lorry, van, tractor, two-wheeler, construction fleet, rental car, golf cart, working equipment, etc. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices feature voice and audio monitoring, fuel cut-off, engine shut off, smart alarms, and more functions. 

Our GPS trackers can be used in the following industries: Agriculture, Car rental, School buses, Car insurance, Construction & mining, Delivery services, Emergency service, Logistics, Motorcycle, Utility service, E-scooter or e-bike, Luxury car tracking, Anti-theft and stolen vehicle recovery, and more…

4G (LTE) GPS Tracking Devices

2G GPS Tracker

OBD GPS Tracker

Truck GPS Tracker

Asset Magnetic GPS Tracker

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

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