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Who We Are

China TOP 3 GPS Tracking Device Manufacturer

We are an expert in GPS vehicle & fleet management tracking devices and services with customers in over 150 countries and regions around the world, dedicating to bringing reliable products and customized solutions to our clients.

SEEWORLD ODM and OEM GPS tracker projects are backed with excellent teamwork, latest technologies and honest service support to bestow you full value of your money and help you boost your business.


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Market Leader

Leading Manufacturer of GPS tracking solutions since 2008, with 5,000,000 units annual outputs. Trusted by 40,000+ clients in over 150 countries.

Competitive Pricing

We have the lowest interest rate in the market place. Nature of long-term engagement and relationships demands that our pricing remains very competitive.

Best Buying Expereince

We treat our customers as equals, transparently to find the best options for them. Taking cues from their corporate situation, budget, and what they are looking for.

Trusted By Fortune 500

We serve for more than 60 of the world and China's TOP 500 corporate clients. And now we are proud of becoming a Strategic Partner of China Mobile and Alibaba Group.

How Can We Help You

SEEWORLD specialized in the research, development and production of GPS tracking device and tracking platform since 2008.
In our SEEWORLD R&D center, over 30 brilliant engineers help established an advance platform for product research, design and application development to satisfy customers OEM & ODM customization of products functions.
On the one hand, our WhatsGPS is an advanced online tracking software. It allows real-time online tracking, manage history, reports, events and notifications, remote device control, PC tracking website, mobile phone tracking apps and multiple protocol supported GPS trackers.
On the other hand, we have various GPS tracking devices to help boost your business, from 2G to 4G LTE vehicle GPS trackers. They are rich in features.

6 Reasons to Choose SEEWORLD

We are committed to providing customers with convenient, reliable, flexible, fast and high-quality products and services. We believe that SEEWORLD is the first choice GPS Tracking Device Manufacturer for Growing Your Fleet Tracking Business.

GPS Trackers for Auto Finance Company

You can locate the vehicle and make recovery simple by highly reliable car GPS trackers with a low cost. Don’t think of GPS tracker devices as an expense, consider them investments. Protect your portfolio with the most reliable GPS tracker.

GPS Trackers for Car Rental Company

If you own a rental car company, rental car GPS tracking system is a must for you. Some renters renting without a credit card, and they often pay higher rental rates but have higher risk at the same time. Car tracking units can lower that risk significantly.

GPS Motorcycle Tracking

You love your motorcycle, and other people may, too. Compared with cars, motorcycles are stolen more frequently. If you're afraid someone may try to steal it, just consider investing in a motorcycle GPS tracking device.

GPS Asset Tracking

Keep tracking and monitoring of your valued assets with location and movement history, pretentative maintenance, theft recovery,and other tracking events with our GPS asset tracking devices.

GPS Logistics Tracking

If you run a logistics business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, it is important to have information about the whereabouts of any given vehicle at any time

GPS Trackers for Sanitation Truck

Tracking your sanitation trucks ensures your sanitation or waste management company can provide your happy customers with superior and reliable service. You can reduce the cost and improve efficiency through the visual supervision of sanitation operations.

GPS Government and Enterprise Vehicle Tracking

Government and many enterprises have poor car management, causing serious problem like low official vehicles efficiency, private use of official cars, disorderly vehicle scheduling. It is necessary to reasonably invest a GPS tracking device in every official vehicle.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Business of any size get realtime location data and analytics about their fleet vehicles. If you want to start your business as a service provider quickly, it's worth trying SEEWORLD® GPS tracker and online tracking software.

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2. Advanced Technical Support

3. After-sales Service

4. Rich Experiences

5. OEM & ODM Service

6. Reliable Supply Chain

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