R11 - 2G Waterproof Fleet GPS Tracker For Commercial Vehicles With Fuel Cut-Off And Monitoring

R11 - 2G Waterproof Fleet GPS Tracker for Commercial Vehicles with Remote Engine/Oil Cut-Off

About this low-cost commercial vehicle GPS tracker:

SEEWORLD R11 is a 2G multi-functional positioning terminal, supporting GPS + BeiDou + LBS + WiFi (optional) positioning. In addition to the basic functions, such as support for ACC detection, engine/oil cut-off control and vibration alarm, the R11’s biggest highlight is that it supports driving behavior analysis, with built-in 10-level adjustable vibration sensor sensitivity, which supports rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn alarm, and statistical analysis. It also supports automatic recovery when the device is abnormal.

R11 is a professional lightweight GPS tracker for commercial cars that uses GPS networks to provide 24-hour vehicle monitoring on the road and in parking lots.

This commercial vehicle GPS tracking device with remote engine/oil cut-off is suitable for auto finance, fleet management leasing, mortgage, transport, forwarding companies, employee monitoring, security of antique vehicles, and construction vehicle monitoring.

Features of this R11 fleet management GPS tracker:

  • Driving Behavior Analysis. This feature encourages safe driving by getting alerts when your employees engage in risky behavior and lower operating costs. It also allows for real-time monitoring and observation via our WhatsGPS platform.
  • Remote Engine/Oil Cut-off and Power Control. The engine/oil cut-off function is one of the most typical features of the Seeworld R11 GPS tracker. The engine cut-off option adds to the vehicle’s security in the event of theft.
  • ACC Detection
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • GEO-Fence Alarm
  • IP65 Waterproof

Product Parameters

Additional information

GSM RF chip


GSM channel


GPRS class

Class 12,TCP/IP

Communication protocol


Body memory


Phase error


Maximum output


Maximum frequency error


GPS chipset


Positioning mode

GPS+BDS+LBS+Wifi (Optional)


L1,1575.42Mhz C/A code

Number of channels


Positioning accuracy

<10 meters

Tracking sensitivity


Capture sensitivity


Positioning time

Avg.hot start <2s
Avg.warm Start <28s
Avg.cold start <38s

Device agreement


Operating voltage range


Working current


Quiescent current




Continuous working time


Continuous stationary battery life


Storage capacity of blind spot track points


Operating temperature


Working humidity




Waterproof and dustproof grade


Product Functions

Remote Cut-off (Fuel/Power)

Immobilize a vehicle by cutting off its power source / fuel supply through an installed relay.

Vibration Alarm

When vehicle vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered.

ACC Detection

The vehicle is connected to the ACC line and users can view the vehicle status on the system.

Driving Behavior Analysis

The device supports rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn alarm and statistical analysis.

Low Battery Alarm

Alerts immediately when the vehicle is in a low battery condition.

GEO-Fence Alarm

The owner can customize the GEO fence, and when the vehicle is driving in or out of the fence, it will send an alarm.

Product Applications

Installation Tutorial