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SEEWORLD 4G Fleet Dash Cam Solution with GPS Tracking

Protect Your Fleet and Reduce Insurance Costs

SEEWORLD is a Chinese dash cam supplier/vendor that aims to provides fleet dashcam and user-friendly platform for real-time monitoring and historical trip details, like vehicle tracking, geo-fence, video-based event messages, and much more. Our commercial dashcam solution can help fleets save money by proving liability in an accident, improving training and driver education, and even saving on insurance expenses.

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V5 - 4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

V6 - 4G Fleet Dash Cam with ADAS

V7 - 4G Dual Dash Cam for Fleet 1080P

SEEWORLD fleet dash cam with GPS tracking equipped with a 4G Cat.1 module for communication and can find locations through both Global Positioning System (GPS) and the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS).

With built-in high-definition cameras, our dash cam can capture and upload clear important videos and send alerts to notify office managers when a vehicle is involved in an accident or encounters emergencies.

So drivers will get help faster and vehicles and property will be protected from further damage. Our fleet tracking devices also have functions such as collision alarms, and vibration alarms, so that you can monitor the vehicle’s condition at any time. It is equipped with active security algorithms, which can perform remote historical video retrieval and playback, to meet the remote management of personal cars, online vehicles, taxis, finance and auto insurance industries, official government or business vehicles, etc.

Protect Your Vehicles and Your Drivers with SEEWORLD Fleet Tracking Solution

SEEWORLD  dash cam footage is recorded second by second in HD video with an optional view, day or night, so you never miss a thing. The WhatsGPS is a true all-in-one fleet tracking system. We’ve combined dash cam video, vehicle diagnostics, GPS vehicle tracking, and other features in this platform, allowing you to customize solutions for fleets of any size. Get your fleet dash cam and all the telematics information you need to make your business run smoothly.

Collision Alarm

If the vehicle accidentally has a collision or rollover, then the GPS tracker will send an alarm.

Driver-facing Camera(DMS)

The driver-monitoring camera uses an AL algorithm to detect your driver's status gives out audible alerts to remind driver.

Road-facing Camera (ADAS)

The ADAS algorithm embedded enables the device to warn drivers of possible collisions to prevent safety-critical incidents.

Video Playback History​

Convenient and fast to remotely access the video files on the memory card.

History Video Playback

Convenient and fast to remote access to video files in the memory card.

Remote Video Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicle status at any time and anywhere.

Optimize Your Fleet Operations

Capture Every Incident & Improve Driving Safety

Use driving information from our fleet tracking system to encourage and improve driver safety. SEEWORLD footage can vindicate and assist your driver if an accident occurs. Receive automated reports to review results.

Streamline Your Business

Driver safety is a top priority for any small business or commercial fleet. Employers pay $60 billion annually for motor vehicle crashes involving their employees. Beyond costs, preventing unsafe driving can save lives and protect your drivers, business, and reputation. Our SEEWORLD fleet tracking devices help provide the value of live stream dash cam technology in maximizing road safety.

Create Insurance Reports Easy

Using our WhatsGPS tracking platform, you can easily download incident clips and send the footage directly to your insurance company in the event of an insurance claim.