Fight Against Theft: The Benefits of GPS Technology in Two-wheeled Vehicle Management - SEEWORLD

Fight Against Theft: The Benefits of GPS Technology in Two-wheeled Vehicle Management

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The Popularity of Two-wheeled Vehicles

Nowadays, two-wheeled vehicles are widely used in many countries, particularly in Asia, where they are a dominant form of transportation. In some of the most populous countries, such as Vietnam and China, the number of motorcycles and scooters is in the hundreds of millions. Compared with cars, two-wheeled vehicles have many advantages. They are more economical, more flexible, and more environmental-friendly.

Challenges of the Two-wheeled Vehicle Management

The main challenge of two-wheeled vehicle management is anti-theft.

A report from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) shows that two-wheeled vehicles face a disproportionate risk of theft. Two-wheeled vehicles were eleven times more likely to be stolen than cars in 2021. Motorcycles made up over 25% of all motor vehicle thefts in 2021”. And this number has been increasing every year. Therefore, anti-theft is the top priority of two-wheeled vehicle management.

GPS Technology ——Keep Your Vehicles Safe

GPS tracking has significantly impacted the management and use of two-wheeled vehicles. Here are some of the benefits of GPS technology for two-wheeled vehicles management:

Navigation and Routing: GPS technology allows riders to have accurate and real-time navigation assistance. Riders can use GPS-enabled devices or smartphone applications to plan routes, get turn-by-turn directions, and find the most efficient paths to their destinations. This feature is especially useful for riders in unfamiliar areas or when trying to avoid heavy traffic.

Tracking and Security: Many modern motorcycles and scooters come equipped with built-in GPS tracking systems or can be fitted with aftermarket GPS trackers. These devices enable owners to track their vehicles’ location in real time. In case of theft, the GPS tracking system can help recover the vehicle quickly.

Additionally, some GPS trackers offer geofencing capabilities, allowing owners to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts if the vehicle leaves the designated area.

Overall, by providing riders with enhanced navigation capabilities, improved safety features, and valuable ride data insights, GPS technology can fight against theft effectively and have a positive impact on the management of two-wheeled vehicles.

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