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Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles [Recommendations & Buying Guide]

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The demand for electric motorcycles is growing. Over the past seven years, more people have preferred cycling from home to work as motorcycles have access to areas where other vehicles do not. They get excellent mileage. Riding them in the open air is simply fantastic. And this list of benefits of motorbikes may go on forever.

For these reasons, more and more manufacturers have invested in the business of producing electric motorcycles. The amazing qualities that make them outstanding, however, make them attractive targets for thieves.

Nothing stands between a would-be thief and your motorcycle’s ignition. Fortunately, if the worst happens, you can use a motorcycle GPS tracker, which is also a popular option for motorcycle renting businesses because they need it to locate their vehicles and help them manage their asset easily and effortlessly.

What Does GPS Tracking Do for Your Motorcycles?

Your motorbike’s precise position can be located via GPS trackers. They’re simple to use and compatible with any motorcycle on the market. The motorcycle tracking system, like the WhatsGPS, employs a GPS to swiftly record their locations and then wirelessly upload that information to the platform at regular intervals through a central server.

This information contains the motorcycle’s position, speed, direction of travel, and more. You can use this information for further analysis, lower your management expenses, and improve your tracking.

Top 3 Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles

1. SEEWORLD R12L-M 4G GPS Tracker

Seeworld is quickly becoming one of the most popular GPS tracker brands around the globe. They provide a very attractive tracking solution (WhatsGPS) for a wide range of monitoring applications because of its user-friendly features and its high-quality GPS tracker.

The R12L-M motorcycle GPS tracker is easy to use in a discreet and dry area on your motorcycle thanks to the heat-resistant base. And you can use it in a temperature environment ranging from -20℃ to +70℃.  The device comes with a water-resistant cover and can withstand 5%~95% dampness.

Another characteristic that contributes to the 4G GPS tracker‘s appeal is its GEO-fence feature. You can create custom geo-fencing zones and receive notifications whenever the GPS tracker enters or exits one.

The R12L-M GPS tracker uses innovative tracking technology that combines GPS, BDS, GNSS, and LBS to provide you with the most precise real-time position data. That information is sent through cellular networks using a pre-installed 4G SIM card for global coverage.

Seeworld provides the most affordable tracking platform (WhatsGPS) for any consumer. You just need to spend $2 for the first year and will get an all-in-one tracking solution.

The WhatsGPS and the free Android and iOS apps provide access to the device’s current location and history. You can get alerts via the App, emails, and SMS. You can get notifications when the device travels or exceeds a specified speed, as well as geofence warnings when the device leaves a predefined geographical area.


  • There is no monthly subscription price, $2 for the first year and $8 for renewing. A lifetime subscription is also available, which costs $15
  • 4 tracking modes and global coverage

2. SEEWORLD S106 GPS Tracker for Motorcycles and Assets Tracking

This waterproof 2G GPS tracker boasts a large number of functions, making it one of the most sophisticated tracking gadgets on the market today.

The S106 may be used to precisely track cars and equipment. It is a dependable and cost-effective vehicle and asset-tracking device. With our cloud-based tracking platform, you can easily track electric motorcycles, cars, and assets.

With its GEO-fence features, you can receive real-time notifications when the tracker exits a certain geographic region.

The S106 2G GPS tracker uses GPS, BDS, and LBA technology to follow your motorcycle’s locations in real-time.

The WhatsGPS and Android or iOS apps provide the current position as well as maps, detailed reports, and logs. This data contains your motorcycle’s precise geographical locations, speed, and violations of specified fences, among other things. You may also receive various warnings through text messages or email.

It is an affordable motorcycle GPS tracking gadget for anybody looking for a versatile and practical tracking solution, with monitoring options beginning at $2 for the first year.


  • Comprehensive reporting and exact tracking
  • There are no contracts and $2 for the first year
  • Nationwide distribution

3. SEEWORLD S11 Motorcycle GPS Tracker

S11 mini portable vehicle tracker features a 5-meter accuracy range with a pre-installed inactive SIM card. This tracker’s magnetic base allows you to attach it to your motorcycle and secure your vehicle.

This waterproof and portable gadget attaches to your motorcycle and measures your vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and handling abilities with the same precision as those found in motorcycle publications.

S11 is considered one of the best magnetic wireless GPS trackers in the industry. In comparison to other competitors’ magnetic trackers, it has an exceptional 1200 mAh battery and an excellent power-saving model.


  • Portable design and simple to use
  • Well-supported, accurate, and stable GPS tracking system
  • 1200mAh mini GPS tracker with long battery life

The Advantages of GPS Tracking for Motorcycles

While some may consider a GPS monitoring system for their motorbike to be an unnecessary investment, there are several benefits to owning one.

  • If you have GPS installed, many insurance companies will reduce your coverage prices.
  • Security. GPS trackers let you and law enforcement authorities rapidly locate your stolen motorbike.
  • Improved maintenance – A GPS tracker will alert you when it’s time to service your motorbike.

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