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What Are the Best Way To Remove a GPS Tracker from Car

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GPS trackers are now thought of as being reliable and effective. These trackers have made it simpler to protect our possessions and loved ones, whether for corporate purposes or personally.

You are reading this blog, though, about taking a GPS tracker out of an automobile. We can thus infer that you have a good motive for doing so.

  • Your tracker needs an update or repair.
  • You wish to utilize the tracker on a different or new vehicle.
  • You have no clue how the tracker originally entered your automobile.

In the first two scenarios, both the sort of tracker and its location is known to you. However, you might need to go through every crevice if you are a target of unlawful tracking.

If you still can’t discover it, we suggest seeking professional assistance.

What Are the Different Types of GPS Trackers?

Here, we’ll go through the many categories of GPS trackers and how to get rid of them from your car. The specifics are shown below.

Magnets Trackers

One of the best GPS tracker types is the magnetic tracker, which is very simple to use. They either come with a separate magnetic enclosure or have built-in magnets. It’s easy to install.

It must be set down on a metallic surface before being used. Similar to installing them, removing them is similarly simple. They must be removed from the surface.

The optimum locations to put these trackers are within the tire well or below the vehicle. In order to locate a covert magnetic GPS tracker, be sure to inspect all the metallic surfaces of a car, both inside and outside.

OBD Trackers

OBD trackers work using a tiny tracking device that fits straight into your car’s OBD II port, which is under the steering wheel.

This port is also used by mechanics and service professionals to run diagnostic codes. The Plug-in GPS tracking devices, therefore, provide diagnostic information in addition to position tracking. It’s quite simple to install them.

On occasion, the OBD ports are situated where the driver places their legs under the dashboard of the vehicle.

Driving may become uncomfortable if a GPS tracker is plugged very near to the pedals. OBD extension cables are therefore readily accessible.

Using the same, you may move the GPS tracking to a more secure spot, such as the dashboard of the car. You may begin tracking as soon as you plug it in and turn it on using the companion app.

You must find these GPS trackers and disconnect the device in order to remove them. The plug-and-play gadgets only function while the automobile is plugged in and stop when it is unplugged.

It is simple to deactivate. Additionally, the gadgets contain a battery and inbuilt antenna to keep sending information. The same notifies the owner when it is disconnected.

Hardwired GPS Tracker

Hardwired GPS trackers are powered by the engine and are, as the name implies, directly wired into the system. These require specialist assistance and are challenging to install and remove.

It is therefore challenging to interfere with or manipulate them. The wired tracking devices, however, are powered by a battery and an antenna and may send out alarms in the event of tampering.

Additionally, unlike plug-in systems, a wired GPS tracker allows you to remotely block the ignition of the vehicle if it detects a security breach.

For two key reasons, most individuals favor hardwired GPS trackers over alternatives:

  • They are rechargeable-free and connected to the engine battery.
  • They are unreachable because they are securely tucked away within the automobile.

Asking your neighborhood mechanic for assistance is the best course of action if you want to remove a hardwired GPS tracker from a car. They’ll make sure the tracker is correctly removed and ready for usage again.

How Can I Get the GPS Tracker off My Car?

The numerous kinds of GPS trackers and their installation and removal have already been covered. It is simple to remove plug-and-play or portable trackers.

So let’s look at how to remove a hardwired GPs tracker without harming the tracker or your automobile.

Locate the Tracker

Well, you already know where it is if you installed it. However, you must first find the device in your automobile if you have suspicions of foul activity. Here are a few methods to search for it:

By opening the underside of your dash, check whether there is anything out of place.

  • Look for any additional electrical tape or new wire.
  • Additionally, keep an eye out for cables that differ from the existing ones in terms of thickness or color.
  • Look for the cables that connect to the car’s roof.

Then, you can observe a plastic component with two wires linking the same to the ignition wires and of a sufficient thickness.

Remove the electrical tape and zip ties now, being careful not to damage the delicate wires. You risk harming the car’s delicate wiring if you are not careful.

Locate the Components

There might be various wires. The GPS antenna might be on one of the cables. You may remove the wire in the same manner by following it to the top of your automobile.

The GSM antenna can be the one after the GPS antenna.

The red wire on the ignition might be one of the wires so that the gadget continues to receive power and the battery continues to be charged.

Wires may be present in the ground of the car.

There might also be two relay wires connected to the ignition.

Remove the Wires and Device

Remove the cord from your car’s battery right now. The components are easy to remove. Pull the GPS antenna while disengaging the antennae at the receiver. Restore the automobile to its peak condition.

After successfully removing the device from the car, you must reattach all ignition wires and replace the parts in their original locations. If you reconnected all of the cables, it would help.

It’s possible that the cables were damaged during the GPS tracker device installed in your automobile. Remove it and reconnect it if you’ve found the damage.

Right now, trying to start your automobile is the only method to be sure you haven’t made a mistake. You accomplished everything perfectly if it started!

Enhance the security of your vehicle with a portable GPS tracker.

GPS technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in preventing the theft of your priceless automobile. Some cutting-edge monitoring systems, like Seeworld GPS trackers, include several add-ons that help you drive more safely, maintain your vehicle, use less fuel, and reduce your insurance costs.

Here are some ways the Seeworld portable GPS tracker might help you if you’re still unsure:

Every one of our products has a companion app that can be downloaded on any iOS or Android smartphone. For instance, if your teen’s automobile has our GPS tracker, you and your spouse may check on it using their smartphones.

The Geofence feature of our solution allows you to construct virtual borders around locations that you determine to be safe or hazardous.

You may create a secure zone around each parking spot you use for your automobile for its protection. You receive a notification whenever your car enters or exits one of these secure areas.

Our GPS tracker is renowned for having the best security features and is one of the most popular car trackers in the world.

In the event of a theft or emergency, we also provide active tracking to facilitate a quicker recovery of your vehicle. Therefore, your vehicle insurer may reduce your premiums.

Installing the Seeworld portable GPS tracker is simple. The tracker is supplied with a magnetic casing that you may use to affix it to a metal surface.

And if you ever need help removing it from your car, just get in touch with our customer service team.

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