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How to install GPS tracker on bicycles and motorcycles

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As we all know, GPS Tracker is often used in cars. Many people think that the car is expensive and can be used to protect the safety of the car. Even if it is stolen, it can be retrieved by the GPS. Many people will question whether other objects can install GPS Tracker besides cars.

Today, more and more people are installing GPS for their bicycles and motorcycles. Because the two is small, they are easy to become the target of theft of thieves. Bicycles and motorcycles have many advantages and are more convenient to use. But at the same time there are many motorcycles and bicycles stolen every day. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, it is wise to install GPS Tracker.

What are the benefits of installing GPS Tracker for bicycles and motorcycles?

It is difficult for thieves to destroy a locked car. It also takes a long time. This gave witnesses time to discover the thief. But bicycles and motorcycles are different. The thief broke a lock for a shorter time than we thought. They can open the lock and drive the car in a short time. It is impossible to lift the car and then unlock it.

The anti-theft of the two is impossible by the lock alone. The installation of GPS Tracker is the second line of defense. When the thief stole the car, we still rely on it to get the car back.

After installing GPS Tracker, real-time burglar alarm can be performed. The alarm will trigger as long as the car vibrates. The owner can receive a text message. Or locate it and check the track of the car in one click on the relevant program.

How to choose GPS Tracker for motorcycles and bicycles?

There are a lot of GPS trackers on the market. How to choose the best product for your vehicle in the tracker product?

Bicycles are different from cars and cannot generate electricity. It also does not have a wiring place. Thus, generally choosing a wiring-free, self-battery GPS device for bike.

Motorcycles have wiring. So, you can consider purchasing a wired GPS device. The wiring place is relatively hidden, so it is easy to hide the GPS device and it is not easy to find. Of course, you can also buy a GPS device with its own battery. But pay attention to the charging time.

What are the steps to install GPS Tracker for motorcycles and bicycles?

The product installation process is different depending on the product type selected. When you buy a GPS device, whether it is a motorcycle or a bike installation. The first thing is to read the instructions carefully.

Bicycle installation steps:

The bicycle is easy to install. Check if the GPS device battery has power. Then place it under the bicycle seat and fix it. Of course, you can also install it elsewhere. But it is better to be more subtle. Not easily found by thieves.

Motorcycle installation steps:

Step 1: Determine the location where the GPS Tracker host installs. Some motorcycles have a simple structure and no hidden space. A “blocking method” can be used to install a device and then install the GPS device.

Step 2: Design the GPS Tracker line. To covertly install GPS Tracker, follow a wiring principle. Do not directly connect the positive and negative poles of the Tracker to the battery. You can connect the Tracker’s cable with a motorcycle bus.

Step 3: Connect the tracker connected to the battery using the neutral cable. Connect the ignition switch.

Step 4: After the line is connected, perform the function test. Confirm that the GPS anti-theft function is normal. Start line closure work.

The most important aspect of the installation process is the hidden line. Try to route it in the original car line.  If the GPS device installs incorrectly, its anti-theft function will drop.

There is also a tracker with a battery. The installation process is easier. Charge the battery once every few day. The specific amount of time that can use depends on the capacity of each model type.

Do you need a professional to install?

It is difficult to install GPS Tracker, but there are also places where technology is needed. Whether you want to ask a professional to install can decide on a case-by-case basis. When you are proficient in motorcycle wiring, you can install the tracker yourself.

If you don’t know anything about it, you can go to a qualified person to help you install it.

If your bike and motorcycle are expensive, this is the easiest target for thieves to steal. For your property without loss, please buy a GPS Tracker for your bike and motorcycle.

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