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How to install the electric motorcycles tracking system? And what for?

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Nowadays, electric motorcycles are becoming the usual transportation in people’s life. And install a GPS tracker can greatly improve the anti-theft of the vehicle. But to fully play its role, you should equip with the GPS trackings system. So today let’s talk about how to install the tracking system, and what’s the usage of it.

How to install electric motorcycle tracking system?

SEEWORLD electric motorcycle tracking system is a cloud managment platform, and it’s very easy to install. After you install the GPS tracker on your vehicle, and according to the account and password of the device, you can directly login WhatsGPS website or APP, and you can track your electric motorcycle at anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

  • Real-time monitor, history trace playback

After users login to the WhatsGPS platform, they can directly check their vehicle’s position and information in “Monitor”. Owners can easily monitor their vehicle’s trace and movement.

  • GEO-fence

Users can customize the GEO-fence, and set some risky area likeused car trading market to the dangerous area, and whenever the vehicle drives into the area it will send an alarm.

  • Over-speed alarm, mileage statistics, ACC dection, Remotely flame-out

In “Report” column users can check all electric motorcycles’s using sitiation, and can remotely control their vehicles. Meanwhile, users can check all data’s report to know their vehicle better.

  • Multiple device management

At “Device Managment” column you can see through all your vehicles which equip with the GPS trackers, and that will not only troubleshoot some abnormal electric motorcycles, and users can also confirm their device’s expire date.

So this is our introduction, if you wanna get ackowledge of more informations about elecrtic motorcycles, fell free to contact with us!

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