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Is the SIM Card for GPS Tracker the Same as a Mobile SIM Card?

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Anyone who has used a car’s GPS tracker knows that in order to use the device normally, a SIM card must be configured in the device, and the card is in a state of activation and normal use. So is the card used in the GPS tracker the same as the SIM card used in the mobile phone? Or is there any difference between them?

The answer is that the cards used for the two are different. At present, the built-in GPS locator is basically an IoT card. Whether the GPS device can transmit data information to the service platform in a timely manner depends on this IoT card.

Before the Internet of Things card was invented, all the locators used were SIM cards on mobile phones, and it was sufficient to handle the necessary traffic packages early. However, after the advent of the Internet of Things card, everyone preferred to use the Internet of Things dedicated traffic card. In fact, the advent of the Internet of Things card is also to reduce the cost of data packages, and it is also the use of mobile smart products to complete the connection between the mobile phone and vehicle equipment.

General phone cards do not have unique interfaces and use the network of a mobile operator. But the Internet of Things is different. With its own separate network interface, it is much faster than ordinary phone cards.

In the field of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things card itself can fully meet the needs of device networking, and the most important thing is that compared with the phone card, the traffic rate can be considered very low. Not only is the tariff package low, the data signal coverage area is also very wide, the data bearing capacity is very strong, and the positioning is accurate.

Secondly, because the size of the IoT card is also very small, the functional consumption is not very high, which is perfect for automotive GPS locators. Not only GPS locators, but it can be said that most of them involve solutions for the Internet of Things, and this card can meet the needs. Such as smart watches, POS machines, bike sharing, etc.

Simply put, The sim card for gps tracker is a card specially launched for GPS terminals. Just like the mobile phone card is suitable for mobile phones. I wonder if you understand?

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