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Remote power off vehicle gps tracker

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With the development of technology, many GPS locators are not limited to positioning and tracking functions. The intelligent alarm function of some locator devices also has a remote control function. The user only needs to observe the vehicle condition in real time from the mobile phone / computer source. Once an abnormal condition of the vehicle is found, the vehicle can be remotely controlled, and the GPS locator can indeed remotely cut off the fuel and power to the vehicle.

1.The principle of remote oil cut off

GPS control of the car is mainly for the opening and closing of power or the relay control of the automobile throttle pump. It requires that the GPS positioning device must carry mobile network and GPS positioning information, and the built-in relay can control the closed switch externally.

Vehicle GPS tracker generally has a built-in relay, which can be connected in series with the electronic ignition power circuit. The relay and GPS tracker communicate with each other under the network, and receive GPS platform instructions to issue tracker control. When the vehicle is found stolen, the platform sends a text message instruction. After receiving the corresponding power-off instruction, the GPS tracker activates the relay to disconnect the ignition device. Without the power supply, the car will stop burning and flame out. Different brands have different instructions.

The vehicle is equipped with a GPS positioning system and a control system that controls the car’s oil pump and main power supply. In this way, through the wireless data network, two-way data interconnection and interoperability between vehicle data, positioning, and monitoring centers can be achieved in real time.

2. Conditions for remote power cut

(1) The wiring is correct: the positive and negative wires, the ACC and the relay wires must be connected correctly to achieve the power and oil cutoff function.

(2) Vehicle driving conditions: The remote oil and power operation of the GPS locator is also based on traffic safety. Naturally, we can’t cause traffic accidents because of our urgency to recover our vehicle property.

Therefore, when the vehicle is traveling at a high speed, the equipment must not rush into oil-cutting operation. Assume that the user cuts the fuel and electricity of the vehicle during the high-speed process of the vehicle. The vehicle is likely to be out of control due to sudden fuel and power outages, resulting in a traffic accident.

The remote oil cut of general equipment should be performed when the vehicle speed is 20km / h. The vehicle will continue to travel a short distance when the power is cut off, and then it will stop slowly. The owner can call the police in time after the vehicle stops, catch the thief, and retrieve our property in time.

In fact, this function is rarely used in general vehicles. Most vehicles rely on the device’s intelligent alarm function to prevent theft from preventing theft of the vehicle from the source. Of course, the remote power off function is not a display function. In the event of a serious emergency, users can still use this feature to effectively protect our vehicles.

  How much do you know about the remote power off function of the car GPS tracker?

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