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What Is OBD GPS Tracker?

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Anyone who has purchased a GPS tracker knows that there are 3 types of trackers, including hardwired GPS devices, wireless GPS devices, and OBD tracking devices. Perhaps many people know about wired and wireless devices, however, they don’t know more about OBD Tracker.

OBD Tracker is also a positioning device. It also contains many features. It is easier to install and use and is more suitable for vehicle tracking. The OBD port plugged into the car is ready for use. The field of application is more extensive. This article will talk about the function and working methods of the OBD GPS Tracker.

What is an OBD port?

OBD is a program on a vehicle. Since the 1980s, many automobile manufacturers have begun to equip OBD with automobiles. OBD-II appeared in the 1990s. By 1996, all vehicles in the US market were forced to be equipped with OBD-II.

It monitors the status of the exhaust gas treatment system at any time. Alerts will be issued as soon as they are found to cause excessive emissions. This system can also record fault information. Let the maintenance personnel quickly determine the fault location.

Today, the vehicle’s OBD port can be used with the GPS tracker. Suitable for owners who want to track the vehicle.

What is the difference between an OBD Tracker and a wired Tracker?

The OBD GPS Tracker is installed directly in the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port. Plug and play. Wired GPS Tracker is usually installed behind the dashboard. Hardwiring with ignition, power, and ground. This is the most fundamental difference between the two. Both Trackers have their own advantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of their respective differences? Let me say below:

Wired Tracker can be installed in a hidden location. And it will not hinder the driver and passengers. It can also collect data that the sending OBD device may not be able to receive. It can also be used in any vehicle. Like private cars, trucks, trucks, etc. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to install. Some systems involve vehicles. People who don’t know will not install at all. Only professionals can install it. This is another fee.

The OBD GPS Tracker can use directly connected to the vehicle’s OBD port. So you can install OBD equipment yourself, saving time and money. Besides, OBD can also record transmission vehicle diagnostic data. It can be used in large fleets other than private cars. For example, bus management and logistics. The disadvantage is that it is easy to remove. When a thief wants to steal your car, know where to find them.

What are the unique advantages of the OBD Tracker?

After the OBD Tracker is inserted into the car, it can collect car information. You can record remotely or listen in real time. Some OBD Tracker types also provide vehicle problem diagnosis.

As mentioned above, OBD Tracker is plug and play. The OBD port is usually located below the steering wheel, and above the accelerator pedal. Once you find it, but the device into the slot. Easy to install and easy to use.

OBD can improve the driver’s driving behavior. It warns you when the driver is speeding. Remind you that the vehicle is speeding.

OBD Tracker is a convenient GPS Tracker. It differs from wired GPS devices in every respect. Besides being used in private cars, it can also use in fleet management and logistics fleets. You can choose the right GPS Tracker according to the actual situation.

If you are buying a GPS Tracker for your car, it’s worth thinking about which tracker you want to buy. If you like to install it simply, OBD Tracker is the right choice for you.

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