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What’s the prominent advantages of 4G GPS trackers?

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Nowadays, 5G network is the newest trend of the world, however, 4G network is still the most widely covered network, which has already penetrated into people’s daily life. And with the update of IoT devices, 4G GPS tracker has become the most hot sales device amongst the GPS tracker’s market.
So what’s the most prominent advantages of 4G GPS trackers? Let’s take SEEWORLD S105L as an example and talk about it today.

1. Tracking and reporting in miliseconds.

One of the most prominent advantages of 4G network is faster, according to statistics, 4G is one level higher than 3G, which can be increased from 2Mbit/s to 10Mbit/s. Therefore, 4G GPS tracker such as SEEWORLD S105L can help owner tracking their vehicles more effiecently.

2. Large number of 4G base stations, and wide network coverage.

As the communication technology with the widest coverage, 4G network has large-scale 4G base stations all over the world, so 4G trackers can realize the country’s unrestricted location transmission.

And SEEWORLD S105L equip with the Quad-band , so it can widely adapt to the network standards of many countries around the world, and 4G location services can also be enjoyed in overseas regions.

3. Seamless access to data collection.

As we all know, 4G can use wireless access technology to provide multimedia service access methods such as voice, high-speed information services, broadcasting and entertainment, and users can access the system anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the 4G tracker can use this advantage to realize real-time vehicle data collection and return, minimize data turnover, and improve data availability.

Nowdays, 4G tracker is the first choice in many industries today. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact SEEWORLD website’s customer service. 

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