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Will Installing The Motorcycle Gps Tracker Affect The Battery?

Will installing the motorcycle gps tracker affect the battery?

Some people install a motorcycle GPS tracker for their motorcycle. The installation position of motorcycle GPS locator depends on the type of terminal equipment, and the installation position of wired and wireless will also be different. However, during the installation process, the question will always be considered: for example, what is the installation position of the motorcycle GPS tracker different? Will it affect motorcycle batteries? SEEWORLD will discuss this topic:

1.Mounting position of locator on motorcycle

The position of the wireless motorcycle GPS tracker is relatively free. It can be inside the car, under the pedal, or around the headlights.

Because wired devices need to be connected to the power source often, the installation location is usually limited to the car’s power source. Normal wired equipment can also be installed around motorcycle headlights and under motorcycle pedals. Before installation, the owner needs to complete the wire breaking process for the equipment, and then follow the installation instructions to install it.

Therefore, the normal installation and use of motorcycle GPS locator will not endanger the service life of motorcycle battery. But if it is not installed properly or used improperly, our motorcycle battery may be damaged quickly.

2. Under what circumstances will the positioner affect the battery?

Although normal installation will not endanger the service life of motorcycle batteries, if they are not installed properly or used improperly, our motorcycle batteries may be quickly damaged.

(1) Unreasonable installation

If the user installs the positioner at the beginning, if there are no wiring steps to install the positioner, or the wiring is incorrect, it may damage our battery. If our locator is directly connected to the live wire, the locator will accelerate the battery power consumption and cause the battery to lose power, which will burn our car battery.

(2) Improper use

If the user installs a wired GPS locator, but does not ride for a long time, the locator will also endanger the battery life. Generally, if the user does not run for more than a week, the positioner will directly cause the loss of battery power consumption and directly endanger the battery life.

In short, as long as the motorcycle GPS tracker is installed and used normally, it will not have a negative impact on the motorcycle battery.


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