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3G Vehicle GPS Tracker

A 3G GPS tracker is an electronic tracking device that uses the global positioning system, generally known as GPS, to broadcast the real-time location of a vehicle or person. The tracking device stores the location data, which is then transferred via an IoT-enabled integration, such as a cellular connection (GPRS or SMS). An active 3G-based SIM card is connected to the tracking gadget to convey the data.

The SEEWORLD 3G GPS tracking devices, developed with the most cutting-edge state-of-the-art commercial GPS tracking technology, are self-contained GPS tracking devices perfect for fleets and asset businesses of any size.

The SEEWORLD 3G GPS tracker is designed to function globally, allowing you to increase data collecting and fleet efficiency. Our 3G vehicle tracking device has been developed for undetected GPS tracking in cars, trucks, vans, and all other types of motor vehicles, with a sturdy, waterproof plastic casing and low battery usage characteristics.

You can improve your maintenance procedures, fuel cost, and, most significantly, customer satisfaction rates with a versatile 3G GPS tracker.