S5E-3G Multifunctional Fleet GPS Tracking Device for Transport Vehicles with SOS Emergency Call - SEEWORLD

S5E-3G Multifunctional Fleet GPS Tracking Device for Transport Vehicles with SOS Emergency Call

About this 3G multifunctional tracker with SOS calling feature:

SEEWORLD S5E is a smart and multifunctional auto car tracker with the 3G network, internal HSPDA and GSM antenna, fuel detection, etc.

The 3G multifunctional tracker features versatile functions, such as SOS emergency call, disassembles alarm, displacement alarm, electronic fences, remotely cut-off petrol/electricity and OTA/voice monitoring and recording, etc.

The highlights of this multifunctional GPS tracker for fleet and transport vehicles are supporting oil quantity and temperature detection.


  • GPS/BDS/LBS positioning modes, AGPS+EPO dual auxiliary positioning
  • Multiple alarms by phone/message/platform/email
  • Support oil quantity and temperature detection
  • 1s fast positioning with 3G global high-speed chipset

This S5E multifunctional GPS tracker can be widely used for:

  • Transport industries
  • Car rental industries
  • Loan vehicles
  • Bus and fleet management

Additional information


WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz



Operating Voltage

9-36V DC<300mA

Cold Start


Hot Start


Location Accuracy

<10 meters

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ +70℃




83(L) x 46(W) x 14.5(H) mm

SOS alarm    SOS:In emergent case, press SOS for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and then dial the numbers in a loop for 3 times until the call is picked up.

Power cut-off alarm :When the electricity supply of device is cut off, it will activate cut-off alarm.

Low battery alarm :When battery is low, the device will activate low battery alarm.

Vibration alarm(default OFF):When vehicle vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered. If no ignition after 3 minutes (ACC OFF), the device will send vibration alarm message immediately.

Oil/Electricity cut-off:When vehicle is stolen, oil/electricity cut-off command can be sent by platform, APP or SMS.

Vibration alarm
Restore oil/electricity:When alarm is all-clear, you can send restore oil/electricity command by platform, APP or SMS and restore vehicle power.

Remote listening
Restart device:If GPRS is abnormal (device is offline), you can send SMS command RESET# to restart the device. Device will reboot after 20 seconds after receiving the command.