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4G GPS Tracker

4G GPS tracker is an electronic tracking device that helps transmit the real-time location of a vehicle, person or pet by  using the global positioning system. SEEWORLD 4G GPS tracker includes two types of wired and wireless. Wired 4G GPS tracking device with higher adjustability than 2G/3G tracking device and have more functions, such as external connection 232 serial port, Oil quantity and temperature control, RFID, 4G RAM, etc. It can be customized product protocol according to user requirements. However, Wireless 4G GPS Tracker adopts multiple mode positioning, so it has stronger concealment. Today, our 4G GPS Tracker is widely used in many field like finance fleet, car rental, logistics, school bus, eletric motor, trucks and other fleet mangement. 

Wired 4G GPS Tracker : S105L, S116L, S5L, S108L, S06L
Wireless 4G GPS Tracker : S05L, SO9L

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