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4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

SEEWORLD’s 4G GPS trackers feature a CAT4 LTE solution, offering enhanced 4G high-speed positioning that delivers fast and precise location tracking.

The SEEWORLD 4G GPS tracker boasts superior performance in accurately tracking fleets, vehicles, or cargo, maintaining the core features while significantly improving precision.

Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of commercial vehicle monitoring, our 4G LTE GPS tracker also serves as an efficient, cost-effective solution for personal vehicle tracking, with customization options available to fit specific needs.

The versatile applications of the 4G GPS tracker make it an ideal choice for diverse vehicle tracking needs, adaptable to any fleet size.

Ideal for leaders in logistics, whether managing a vast truck fleet or overseeing a car rental service, our real-time GPS tracker ensures maximum utility and efficiency.

Integrated with our WhatsGPS platform, the tracker enables seamless vehicle management, providing accurate, real-time data for effective vehicle oversight.

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What Are the Benefits of a 4G GPS Car Tracker?

1. Improved performance and data transmission rates

As the Internet of Things age progresses, governments are gradually phasing out backward network facilities, 2G networks are being phased out in some tier 1 countries, and 4G networks have reached most countries. The 4G GPS tracking device outperforms 2G/3G models in terms of performance and data transmission speed.

2. Better historical data

4G GPS tracking device can cache more data. You can instantly search through your driving history. This can assist you in regulating your driving behavior and improving driver safety.

3. Real-time tracking to increase the efficiency of fleet management

4G GPS tracking device is a great choice for fleet management. Our 4G GPS trackers are an excellent fit for fleet management software. Our 4G GPS trackers may be installed on many vehicles or trucks. You may check all of the history driving track data on the APP interface after it’s been activated. In some areas, such as driver safety, driver retention, and real-time fleet tracking, a 4G GPS tracking device can help you manage your fleet more successfully.

4. Excellent stability

You’ll notice that your connection is never broken. 4G LTE GPS trackers can instantly receive GPS signals, and your tracking target will be presented in the APP associated with the device, allowing you to control location information in real-time. In general, 4G LTE GPS trackers are capable of long-term operation and gadget stability.

As more nations roll out 4G networks, 4G LTE GPS trackers will become the primary tracking devices on the market and it would be a nice thing to use 4G LTE GPS trackers for your automobile.

Why Should Your Company Use 4G GPS Tracker?

Although most 2G/3G GPS trackers can suffice in some countries, network technology is progressing to the point where 5G and 4G networks are replacing older 3G/2G networks.

The tracking gadget, as we all know, relies on GPS and network technologies to function. The 2G/3G GPS tracker will not operate and transfer data to the server if the 3G/2G network goes down. So that’s why you need a 4G GPS tracker for your business.

What Are the Benefits of a 4G GPS Tracker Over a 2G/3G GPS Tracker?

Although everyone understands that the current mobile phone network is mostly 4G or even 5G and that 2G is no longer visible, the majority of GPS locators on the market are still 2G. You might want to know why aren’t the locators using 4G technology?

In fact, 4G GPS trackers have been around for a long time, but the cost is exorbitant and the cost performance is poor. Now that the cost of 4G trackers has decreased significantly, especially in certain isolated places where 2G base stations have been decommissioned and the signal is weak, only 4G trackers are available.

The signal is consistent. There are more photos on certain current gadgets, real-time audio upload, and 2G networks are slower, thus 4g car GPS tracker is the future.

Also, the battery is long-lasting. Our 4G wireless GPS tracking device S16 has a battery capacity of 6000mA. How long is the battery expected to last? The outcome of extensive testing is about three years of usage. In other words, once the gadget is installed, it can be used without charging or changing the battery for three years.