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Protect Your Drivers, Reduce Your Cost, Prevent Frivolous Claims & Eliminate Risky Driving With SEEWORLD Fleet Tracking Solution

GPS Fleet Tracking with Dashcam

Protect Your Commercial Vehicles & Reduce Cost Using 4G Fleet Dash Camera

SEEWORLD Dash Cam Fleet Tracking Solution

All SEEWORLD’s dash cams for car are equipped with GPS tracking features to provide a variety of location data. Details such as speed, time of an incident, the severity of impact, a precise location, and route identification are all able to be obtained when recovering footage.

V5 - 4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

V6 - 4G Fleet Dash Cam with ADAS

V7 - 4G Dual Dash Cam for Fleet 1080P

Connecting your 4G dash cam for fleet vehicles to our WhatsGPS tracking platform gives you a more thorough understanding of your fleet. Improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency with our cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking with camera solutions, providing real-time monitoring and valuable visual insights into your operations.

We’ve combined dash cam video, vehicle diagnostics, GPS vehicle tracking, and other features in this platform, allowing you to customize solutions for fleets of any size. Get your fleet dash cam and all the telematics information you need to make your business run smoothly.


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