V5 - 4G Fleet Dash Camera for Car with GPS Tracking

V5 - 4G Fleet Dash Camera for Car with GPS Tracking

The V5 is a cost-effective fleet dash cam with GPS tracking equipped with a 4G Cat.1 module for communication and can fix positions via both the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS).

With the built-in high-definition camera, the V5 can capture and upload clear important videos and send out alerts to notify back-office managers when a vehicle has been involved in an accident or encountered other emergencies, so drivers will receive help faster and vehicles and assets will be protected from further damage.

It also has the functions such as collision alarm and vibration alarm, helping the drivers to monitor the vehicle condition at any time. It is equipped with active security algorithms, which can realize remote historical video retrieval and playback, to meet the need for remote management of private cars, online vehicles, cabs, auto finance and insurance, government or enterprise official vehicles, etc.

Product Parameters

Additional information

GSM RF chip


Communication Protocol


Body Memory


Video Storage Bit Rate

7 Mbps

Video Upload Bit Rate

512 kbps ~ 2Mbps self-adaption

Storage Media

Class 10 and above high-speed TF card * 1

Power Extension Cable

2550 MM


1920 * 1080 (1080P)

GPS Chipset


Positioning Mode

Beidou + GPS


GPS 1575.42MHZ, BD 1561.098MHZ

Number of Channels


Positioning Accuracy


Positioning Time

Avg. hot start<10s Avg. cold start < 60s

Device Protocol

JT/T808, JT/T1078

Working Current

150 mA

Working Temperature

-30 ~ 60°C

Working Humidity

10 – 95%


L98mm * W52.7mm * H49m



Product Functions

Collision Alarm

If the vehicle accidentally has a collision or rollover, then the GPS tracker will send an alarm.

Remote Video Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicle status anytime and anywhere, vehicle damage can take the initiative screenshot, real-time vehicle.

Vibration Alarm

When the car has abnormal vibration, it will send an alarm.

Photo Search

One key remote capture, access to the vehicle environment photos, location information, search the car easier.

ACC Detection

Owners can use ACC detection to check the ACC is on or not.

History Video Playback

Convenient and fast to remote access to video files in the memory card.

Product Applications