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12 Dash Cam Features to Enhance Security

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One of the reasons people buy a dashcam is to enhance security when on the road. However, what a majority of you don’t know is that not all of them have the features of a dashcam that enhance security.

Consequently, they buy one only to realize it doesn’t serve the purpose. You don’t have to follow the steps of your predecessors only to regret it when it is most likely too late.

You can avoid that by knowing what to look for when buying your dash cam. That’s why this article is a must-read.

It discusses in detail the features of a dashcam to enhance security. So, without much ado, let’s get started.

Alerts and Feedback on Your Driving Behaviour

It is no secret that how one drives can increase or reduce the chances of car accidents. That said, buying a dash cam that records one’s behavior can make a huge difference.

You can use this recording to review how you drive and improve accordingly. It can also help driving instructors or experienced drivers guide you in improving your driving skills.

With this feature, you can identify the area in which you lack the necessary skills and improve it quickly. It could be lane etiquette or speed consistency, to mention a few.

Some of the dashcams with this feature enhance the security further by providing real-time alerts and feedback. That’s enough to set you straight whenever you aren’t driving as per the rules.

With such a feature, drivers can avoid common mistakes that endanger themselves and other road users. One also quickly gets the right driving skills, thus promoting security even further.

Voice Control

Whereas a dash cam is a great device, it can do more harm than good if it distracts you when on the road. After all, driving requires your full attention since even the slightest mistake can lead to dire consequences.

One way of avoiding such cases is using one that supports voice control. It allows you to operate the device hands-free, thus keeping them on the steering wheel for safe driving.

Voice control allows you to do various things, including starting the dash cam recording hands-free. You can similarly take snapshots or stop recording whenever necessary.

Excellent Low-Light Performance

Since you may need to drive during the day as well as at night, one of the features of a dash cam that enhances security is low-light capabilities. Sometimes, even the weather can jeopardize the lighting and visibility.

As long as your dash cam maintains excellent visibility regardless, you and other road users are safe. One notable feature of this safety feature is the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).


Sometimes, one can’t move or say much after an accident. However, time is of the essence, and you need first responders to get to you in time.

That’s where the GPS feature comes in, and some dash cams have a built-in one. Besides location, GPS can also record the vehicle’s speed, and that can discourage overspeeding, which is part of safe driving.

This information is also important for insurance claims and evidence during accident disputes.

Wi-Fi and Cloud Storage

Sometimes, the damage is too huge after an accident that not even the dash cam is spared. Fortunately, Wi-Fi and cloud storage ensure the recording isn’t lost even under such circumstances.

Besides storing, these features also enable the seamless sharing of the recordings with necessary authorities. Consequently, you don’t have to take a fall for an accident you didn’t cause.

It is also hard for a hit-and-run villain to escape the law. This recording also spares you the pain of dealing with insurance providers without evidence of the accident, thus enhancing smooth and fast claims.

Cellular Support

Similarly to Wi-Fi and cloud storage, this is also one of the features of a dashcam that enhances security. It ensures you can easily send footage to your mobile phone using an application.

Besides offering backup, the feature also enhances data access. You can access the recording even when far from the dash cam and anywhere.

Multiple Modules

You can’t afford a blind spot as far as a dash cam is concerned. That’s why you need one with several channels to promote all-round recording.

Only then can you be sure of a safe travel. Look for one with various modules for the front and the back.

Common modules include the following;

  • One to record the front, especially the road
  • Another one for the front, primarily the cabin
  • A camera at the rear windshield to view the road at the back of the car

The rear camera also enhances the driver’s rearview, enhancing security.

Parking Mode

Even when parking and the engine is off, you will still need your car to be safe and secure. That’s why the parking mode feature is necessary since it ensures your dash cam also works under these circumstances.

Any motion or impact when your car is parked will activate the dash cam. Consequently, it will document any incident, including hit and run, that occurs in the parking lot.


It is one of the features of a dash cam that enhances security by detecting impacts, sudden accelerations, or decelerations. Once a collision occurs, this feature ensures the camera locks and saves its recording automatically.

Loop Recording

Once its storage is full, the dash cam can’t record anything, which can compromise your security. However, since loop recording automatically overwrites old recordings, there will always be room for new footage.

Wide-angle Lens

You want your dash cam to record as much as possible, including what’s beyond it. So, look for one with a wide-angle lens for such an effective coverage.

High-Quality Video

You also need a detailed and clear recording, so consider your dash cam resolution. It should be high; excellent choices are the 4K and 2K resolution.


You should consider the above features of a dashcam to enhance security. After all, they work in different ways to promote road safety, and that’s ideal for you and other road users.

Do you want to enhance your driving skills? If so, you know the feature to go for. The same applies to increasing the coverage, promoting video quality, providing backup, etc.

The more the security features, the better since it means more safety. It may also require you to pay more, but a great dash cam is worth every penny.

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