S102A - 2G Real Time Tracking Vehicle GPS Tracker - SEEWORLD

Product Description


Functions Function Details Description
Location Data Report Real-Time Tracking Upload The Longitude And Latitude Information According To The Time Interval Setted
Vehicle Status Detection Car Acc On/Off Status. Uploaded Data Include The ACC On/Off Status Each Time
Power Down Alarm Turn On Backup Battery, When The Vehicle Voltage Is Lower Than 5v, The Device Upload a Alarm To The Server
Low Power Alarm When The Voltage Is 5v-10v, The Device Will Upload a Alarm To The Server
Over Speed Alarm Set The Maximum Speed Limit Value On The Platform, When The Gps Speed Is More The Setted Value, The Device Will Upload a Alarm To The Server
Oil Checking Cut Off/Supply Fuel Remotely Through Server And Message
Illegal Dismantling Alarm The Power Down Alarm And Light Sensor Alarm Triggered Of The Device In 2 Minutes,Then The Illegal Dismantling Alarm Will Be Reported To The Server
Other Functions Blind Area Uploading Data The Data Is Stored Up To 300pcs If The Terminal Is Located And Not Online,  Upload When The Signal Is Good
Epo Located For Assistance The Terminal Supports The Epo Assisted Positioning Function To Enhance The Positioning Effect.
Inflexion Upload When The Angle That Vehicle Turned Is More Than a Normal Scale It Will Send a Location Data Soon To Optimize The Playback
Upgrade Remotely Need Assistance Of Factory
Low Power Consumption Static Mode The 3D Triaxial Accelerometer Senses The Vibration State Of The Vehicle In Real Time, When The Car Is Moving, The  Device Is In Motion Mode; The Device Will Change To Static Mode After 5 Minutes Without Vibration, Close The Gps Module, When Vibration Is Detected, The Device Automatically Changes To Motion Mode.

Additional Information

Weight 0.0237 kg
Dimensions 7.85 × 2.3 × 1.2 cm
Working Voltage


Working Current

25ma @12V(Static Current10mA) (Remark: Not Charge)


L78.5mm *W23mm*H12mm

Located Way


Location Accuracy

<10 Meters 9 (Remark: Test Data)

Communication Network


Gsm Frequency


Communication Way


Working Temperature

-25℃~ +75℃

Storage Temperature

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Standby Battery

0.5 Hours


1 Year

The Product Configuration List

1. S102T GPS Vehicle Tracker *1
2. User Manual; Warranty Card; Certificate Of Approval
3. Power Cable*1


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