S102 - 2G Real Time GPS Tracker for Car Rental Companies with Light Sensor

S102 - 2G Vehicle GPS Tracker for Car Rental Companies with Light Sensor

About This Car Rental GPS Tracking Device:

  • Best GPS Tracking Devices for Car Rental Industries. Seeworld GPS uses cutting-edge satellite technology to provide the easiest and fastest GPS tracking for car rental companies and equipment rental industries.
  • Well-Supported Rental Equipment Monitoring System. Our WhatsGPS rental equipment monitoring systems (iOS/Android app are all available) will provide you with precise location notifications, and you can view your tracker’s location on our platform, view historical statistics, speed, distance, set alerts and boundaries using Geo-fence, and more. WhatsGPS GPS tracking platform function can be customized and developed according to customer needs.
  • Real-Time GPS Trackers with a Low Price Tag. Rental assets companies generally have lower renter requirements to compete with larger chains. This can involve renting a car without a credit card, which means that car rental companies will have a higher risk (although the companies can profit more from these business models). With our Seeworld S102 car tracking devices, you can considerably reduce this danger since our tracking devices are affordable.
  • Geo-Fence Alarm. S102 is a two-wire real-time positioning device that features Geo-fence, real-time remote tracking, location checking, low battery alarm, and power failure alarm. The Geo-fence feature will notify you if the car leaves a certain boundary, giving you better control and monitoring for your rented cars.
  • Smart Alarm. Seeworld S102 tracker sends displacement alarm when your vehicle is towed. Disassemble alarm, low battery, and power failure alarm are additional functions of our car rental tracking device.
  • S102 Trackers Come with a Remotely OTA Firmware Upgrade. With S101 trackers, you can be firmware update and change config parameters remotely with the OTA  function, saving maintenance costs without uninstalling your asset.
  • S102 Car Rental Tracker Comes in a Compact Size. Seeworld S102 GPS tracker for rental car business comes with a small size and a built-in 55mAh rechargeable battery which can continue to send positioning data to the platform terminal after power off.

SEEWORLD GPS Tracker S102 is suitable for:

  • Car rental
  • Loan vehicles
  • Fleet, motorcycle, bus management
  • Bike-sharing industries

Product Parameters

Additional information

Weight 0.0237 kg
Dimensions 7.85 × 2.3 × 1.2 cm



Class 12,TCP/IP

Working times

0.5 hours

Chip specification


Positioning accuracy

<10 meters

Support input voltage range

9-36VDC/25mA (12VDC)

TTFF(Open Sky)

Avg.hot start ≤5s;Avg.warm Start≤30s;Avg.cold start ≤40s

Working temperature

-25℃ ~ +75℃

Data storage quantity


Product Functions

Remote Voice Listening

Owner can remotely monitor the car anytime, anywhere.

SOS Alarm

An SOS alert can be sent when the driver encounters an accident or an abnormal situation.

Speeding Alarm

When the vehicle is over-speed, then it will be detected and send an alarm.

Power Off Alarm

If the GPS Tracker encounters a forced damage, such as cutting a cable, the locator will push an alarm message for the power failure alarm to the system.

Remote Cut Off (Fuel/Oil)

The system sends a power-off command, and the relay disconnects the power of the ignition device to achieve vehicle stall.

Remote OTA

Quickly and easily upgrading firmware remotely.

Product Applications