R16 - 2G GPS Tracker for Car, Motorcycle, and Fleet Vehicles

R16 - 2G GPS Tracker for Car, Motorcycle, and Fleet Vehicles

R16 is a 2G tracking device for motorcycles, fleets, and staff vehicles to monitor your drivers, speed, safety, and auto logistics for enterprises of all sizes.

With its state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly interface, you can monitor your car’s location in real-time from any device, giving you total peace of mind. Enjoy the convenience of knowing where your vehicles are at all times with SEEWORLD R16 – the ultimate GPS tracker for car security.

This 2G GPS tracking device can be used in:

  • Fleet management
  • Car rental
  • Bus management
  • Auto finance

Product Parameters

Additional information

Canal GSM


Clase GPRS

Class 12,TCP/IP

Modo de protocolo de comunicación


Protocolo del producto

GT06 (Predeterminado)

Tipo de comunicación de datos


Modo de posicionamiento


Precisión de posicionamiento

<10 metros

Rango de voltaje operativo






Grado de impermeabilidad y resistencia al polvo


Tiempo de trabajo continuo


Número de canales


Product Functions

Power failure alarm

Get instant alerts when an interruption of power supply is detected.

Vibration Alarm

When vehicle vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered.

SOS Alarm

When the driver is facing accidents or abnormal situations, he/she can use it to send an SOS alarm.

Low-Battery Alarm

When the car is in low-battery it will send an alarm.

Remote Voice Listening

The mobile phone dials the locator card number, and the locator automatically answers the live voice

Multiple Alerts

Instant alerts for atypical events such as abnormal vibration, SOS, speeding, power-off, geo-fence in/out, etc.

Product Application