D10 - 2G GPS Tracker for Fleet Vehicle

D10 - 2G GPS Tracker for Fleet Vehicle

The D10 GPS Tracker emerges as an innovative solution in the realm of vehicle tracking, adapting seamlessly to a variety of applications from car rentals to personal and official vehicle management.

For car rental businesses, this tracker provides an added layer of security and operational efficiency, allowing for the real-time monitoring of rental vehicles.

It’s equally adept in managing electric motorcycles, offering precise tracking to prevent theft and ensure proper usage.

In personal vehicle management, the D10 offers peace of mind to individual owners.

Whether it’s keeping track of a car’s location or monitoring the driving habits of family members, this tracker provides detailed insights.

Similarly, in the sphere of official vehicle management, it aids in maintaining oversight over fleet movements and adherence to operational protocols.

The standout feature of the D10 GPS Tracker is its real-time tracking capability, offering up-to-date location information at any given moment.

Complementing this is the history playback feature, which allows users to review past routes and analyze usage patterns, adding depth to the tracking experience.

Product Parameters

Additional information

Voltaje/Corriente de Trabajo





Class 12,TCP/IP

Precisión de Posicionamiento

<10 metros

Rango de Voltaje de Entrada Soportado


TTFF (Cielo Abierto)

Promedio inicio rápido <1s
Promedio inicio frío <15s

Temperatura de Trabajo

-20℃~ +70℃

Cantidad de Almacenamiento de Datos


Tamaño del Dispositivo


Accesorios Estándar

Cable de alimentación, cable SOS, MIC, relé de 12V

Product Functions

Remote Voice Listening

Owner can remotely monitor the car anytime, anywhere.

SOS Alarm

An SOS alert can be sent when the driver encounters an accident or an abnormal situation.

History Trace Playback

Can check the history of 120 days, such as history report, alarm report, speeding report, etc.

Vibration Alarm

With built-in vibration sensor, an alarm will be sent immediately when the vehicle has abnormal vibration.

Real-time Tracking

Update position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking.

ACC Detection

The vehicle is connected to the ACC line and users can view the vehicle status on the system.

Product Applications