S208L - 4G Fleet GPS Tracker for Trucking Companies with Remote Fuel/Oil Cut Off

S208L - 4G Fleet GPS Tracker for Trucking Companies with Remote Fuel Cut Off

S208L is a 4G CAT4 vehicle tracker for trucking companies that supports GPS/BDS dual positioning technology. It integrates real-time positioning, remote recording, remote flame-out, fuel report, multiple abnormal alarms, and other functions in one. It’s suitable for truck/fleet management, cold chain transportation, and so on.

Seeworld S208L truck tracker delivers superior fleet truck tracking information based on the most up-to-date and precise GPS tracking technology. This 4G hardwired GPS tracker boasts a wide range of alert systems, real-time tracking, location information display via (Android / iOS APP, Web / WAP) platform, and positioning precision of up to 3 meters.

With the remote fuel/oil cut-off function, you can control your car, cut the oil and fuel electrically, and protect your car safely. When your car vibrates the built-in vibration sensor will send you an SMS alarm. And you can get alarmed when the vehicle is out of the set speed.

Feature of this GPS tracker for trucking companies:

  • Vibration alarm
  • Speed Alarm
  • ACC Alarm
  • Remote oil and electricity control
  • Power-off alarm. When the terminal power supply is cut off, a power-off alarm will be triggered, and the terminal will send an alarm message to the center number and service platform.
  • More…

This truck GPS tracking device can be widely used in:

  • Engineering vehicle management
  • Cold chain vehicle management
  • Fleet management
  • Special vehicle dispatch
  • Transporting truck dispatch
  • Working vehicles

Product Parameters

Additional information

Weight 0.168 kg
Dimensions 10.1 × 6.7 × 2.4 cm
Chip de RF GSM

EC25-AUX (Latin America)

Canal GSM

508(3G)E:GSM 850/900/1800 /1900 UMTS 850/900/1900/2100
508(3G)A:850/1900MHz@UMTS 850/900/1800/1900MHzQGSM
508(3G)-T:900/210омHz@UMTS 900/1800MHz@GSM

Clase GPRS

lass 12, TСР/IР

Protocolo de comunicación


Memoria del dispositivo


Error de fase


Potencia máxima de salida

GSM900:28.5+2dBm GSM800:26.5+2dBm

Error máximo de frecuencia


Chipset GPS


Modo de posicionamiento



1575.42MHZ , 1561.10MHZ

Número de canales


Precisión de posicionamiento


Sensibilidad de seguimiento


Sensibilidad de captura


Tiempo de posicionamiento

Avg. hot start <1s
Avg. warm start <28s

Acuerdo del dispositivo

Private agreement (default) /808protocol

Rango de voltaje de operación




Tiempo de trabajo continuo


Capacidad de almacenamiento de puntos de seguimiento en punto ciego


Temperatura de operación


Grado de impermeabilidad y polvo


Tamaño del dispositivo


Product Functions

Oil detection

When the tracker senses a sudden change in fuel, it will sound an alarm.

Remote Cut Off Fuel and Electricity ​

Owner can remotely make the car flame out.

Temperature check​

When the tracker senses a sudden change in temperature, it will sound an alarm.

SOS Alarm

When the driver is facing accidents or abnormal situations, he/she can use it to send an SOS alarm.

Vibration Alarm

When the car has abnormal vibration it will send an alamm.

Remote Voice Listening (Optional)​

The mobile phone dials the locator card number, and the locator automatically answers the live voice

Product Application