S208 - 2G Truck GPS Tracker For Pickup Working Trucks With Multiple Intelligent Alarms

S208 - 2G Truck GPS Tracker For Pickup Working Trucks With Multiple Intelligent Alarms

The SEEWORLD S208 is a GPS tracker for working trucks. It uses dual external antennas to provide excellent signal reception and great anti-jamming capabilities.

Furthermore, the S208 GPS tracker for pickup trucks is equipped with a high-precision oil amount sensor, allowing users to monitor changes in oil amount in real-time for anti-theft purposes.

S208 is the best pickup truck GPS tracking device with lots of anti-theft alarms, including power-off, low battery, low-temperature, rapid acceleration/deceleration, ACC, SOS emergency call, GEO-fence alert, automatic door warning, fatigue driving alarm, parking alarm, oil quantities alarm, and so on. It’s also a versatile GPS tracker with powerful SPI for customizing enterprises.

Feature of this working truck GPS tracker:

  • High precision positioning, with 3-5 meters error range
  • Support I/O and RS232 extended function ports
  • High precision oil amount sensor for real-time oil monitoring
  • Support GPS/BDS/LBS locating modes
  • IPx7 dust, waterproof and fireproof design
  • Super signal receiving ability, strong anti-jamming ability with adopting dual external antennas
  • Built-in large memory which can store 12000 pieces of supplementary data
  • Multiple anti-theft alarms

SEEWORLD truck GPS tracker S208 is suitable for:

  • Cargo vans tracking
  • Logistics transporatation
  • Engineering trucks
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Special vehicle dispatching
  • Fleet and asset management industries

Product Parameters

Additional information

Weight 0.168 kg
Dimensions 10.1 × 6.7 × 2.4 cm



Class 12,TCP/IP,UDP/IP

Tiempo de Funcionamiento

1 hora

Precisión de Posicionamiento

<10 metros

Rango de Voltaje de Entrada Soportado

12-60VDC (50mA ~ 160mA)

TTFF (Cielo Abierto)

Inicio en caliente promedio ≤1s;
Inicio en frío promedio ≤42s

Temperatura de Trabajo

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Cantidad de Almacenamiento de Datos


Product Functions

Oil detection

When the tracker senses a sudden change in fuel, it will sound an alarm.

Remote Cut Off Fuel and Electricity ​

Owner can remotely make the car flame out.

Temperature check​

When the tracker senses a sudden change in temperature, it will sound an alarm.

SOS Alarm

When the driver is facing accidents or abnormal situations, he/she can use it to send an SOS alarm.

Vibration Alarm

When the car has abnormal vibration it will send an alamm.

Remote Voice Listening (Optional)​

The mobile phone dials the locator card number, and the locator automatically answers the live voice

Product Application