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Established in 2008, SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading location service brand in the loT industry.

SEEWORLD specializes in the development and production of 2/3/4G GPS trackers and GPS tracking software/platform, providing one-stop vehicle location tracking services with customers from more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

SEEWORLD has been deeply rooted in software and hardware solutions based on location services for 15 years.

How Can SEEWORLD Help You

Our main IoT GPS tracking hardware includes wired vehicle GPS trackers, wireless GPS trackers, car charger GPS trackers, and OBD trackers, which are widely used for vehicles, e-scooters, assets, trucks, cargo,  and more.

We have also established a GPS tracking platform – WhatsGPS, for more intelligent vehicle management.

We have a lead in production scale, technological level, product quality, and economic returns, and we have a competitive edge with similar products overseas.

GPS Tracking Devices for Fleet Vehicles

Professional GPS Tracker Manufacturer

Your first choice of GPS tracker supplier in China. SEEWORLD GPS vehicle tracking service provider offers different kinds of vehicle GPS tracking device suitable for bikes, cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks, and more. 100% original factory wholesale price, high quality, and convenient delivery. Our IoT tracking products can be used for customized vehicle tracking requirements including but not limited to the following: Agriculture, car rental, school buses, car insurance, construction & mining, delivery services, emergency service, logistics, motorcycle, utility service, e-scooter or e-bike, luxury car tracking, anti-theft and stolen vehicle recovery, and more…

R12L 4G GPS Tracker

S208L Trcuk Tracker

S21L Asset Tracker

R56L OBD Tracker

V7 Dual Dashcam

WhatsGPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System

Truly Unbeatable Value

That’s our commitment to friendly, transparent pricing for small businesses.


$ 0 1st Year
  • 365-day free trial
  • Vehicle Health & Performance
  • Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
  • Driver Safety & Vehicle Security


$ 8 1st Year
  • Only $8 Per vehicle per year
  • Vehicle Health & Performance
  • Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
  • Driver Safety & Vehicle Security

Lifetime Access

$ 15 1st Year
  • No contracts, No hidden fees
  • Vehicle Health & Performance
  • Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
  • Driver Safety & Vehicle Security

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Get all the tools you need to monitor your vehicles in real-time, manage your drivers, and provide the best customer service possible!

See your vehicles’ current location and status on a map, with updates every 5 seconds or less —the fastest in the industry.

Get a bird’s eye view of all of your vehicles on the map and zoom in to track specific vehicles or drivers. You can also create groups to make it easier to manage multiple vehicles. such as groups for specific crews, regions or tasks.

Get an instant view of everything happening with your vehicles with a large map view. Plus, you can use our helpful insights about recent trips, vehicle health, fuel consumption, driving behavior, and more.

Share any driver’s location with your customers! Text them a link which lets them temporarily track their service vehicle while it’s enroute to the job site. Customers love this Uber-like experience!

Get notified if any of your vehicles are running low on fuel or are experiencing a battery drain so that you can take quick steps to address the issue.

Driver Safety & Vehicle Security

Better manage your drivers and fleet vehicles with safety and security data to back decisions. Collect driver behavior data, get notified if a vehicle is disturbed in any way, or when the GPS tracking device has been unplugged.

Get an instant alert any of your drivers are speeding. You can customize the specific threshold I (e.g.85 mph) in your account settings.

Get an instant alert if any of your vehicles is bumped, crashed, towed, broken into or otherwise disturbed.

Customers reviews

When the platform has any problems, you are also happy to give us feedback. And the software is improved according to the opinions, which makes us more convenient to use.
Casper Leopolo
Logistics Transportation
SEEWORLD is very powerful in locating hardware and software, so I choose to work with you. Thank you very much!
Mila Kunis
Junior Project Manager
This is my vendor with years of experience and very good support aftersale. Really recommended!
Mike Stuart
Fleet Management

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