GPS Tracker can help fight the car thefts
2017-09-06 14:38:01
In the United States, every 44 seconds a car is stolen from somewhere. According to the latest information from the National Insurance Crime Agency, the number of cars stolen in California ranked first in the country.
According to the data, most of the thefts were opportunistic crimes. Because more than 33% of the vehicles were stolen in the vicinity of the owner's residence, and nearly 20% of the vehicles were stolen in the parking lot. Therefore, even though your love car is near you, it is also not save.
What do you know about the most stolen cars in the United States? The State Insurance Crime Bureau recently unveiled the highest number of 10 cars stolen in 2016 years, respectively:
1、  Honda Accord,Number of thefts:50,427
2、  Honda Civic,Number of thefts:49,547
3、  Ford pickup, Number of thefts:32,721
4、  Chevy pickup,Number of thefts:31,238
5、  Toyota Camry, Number of thefts:16,732
6、  Nissan Altima ,Number of thefts: 12,221
7、  Dodge pickup, Number of thefts:12,128
8、  Toyota Corolla, Number of thefts:11,989
9、  Chevy Impala ,Number of thefts:9,749
10、 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee ,Number of thefts:9,245
It’s necessary to install a GPS locator to achieve real time tracking, securing the safety of your car!
You can scan your car location on your phone or by massage sent by the platform you used. The blowing is our own researching platform: ITRACK( and JUSTRACK. You can easily operate it to realize real-time monitoring of car. 
You can click the "demo" to try it.(
What’s more, if your car was stolen, you can recover the car according to its driving track through media of APP or Website. 
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