Vehicle Tracker
  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S102T

    The S102T adopts the GPS/LBS/Beidou three-mode positioning mode and adopts flexible innovative technology and programming rules. It is the first choice for the vehicle rental industry. S102T can support real-time monitoring, track query, blind zone re-recording, low-power alarm, fuel cut-off, overspeed alarm, etc.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S228

    S228 device has a built-in GPS chipset with high sensitivity and high integration density. Fast GPS fixed with Assist-GPS technology. The equipment has high voltage, low voltage protection, support for connecting oil sensor, iButton, camera and so on. Simultaneous historical playback, SOS alerts, parking alerts, fatigue driving alerts, speeding alerts, vibration alerts, power cutoff alerts, low battery alerts, geofence alerts, fuel replacement alerts, etc.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S116mini

    S116mini is an upgraded version of S116. It uses ultra-low-power smart chip, ultra-small body, intelligent power-off and flameout according to vehicle speed, over-speed alarm, electronic fence function, real-time positioning. Suitable for fleets, industrial vehicles, etc.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S101

    S101 has a high sensitivity, high integration GPS chipset, built-in GPS / GSM antenna, can save 3000 points of history without GSM coverage, fast GPS with Assist-GPS technology, real-time tracking through Web, APP and SMS, Support for history playback, speeding alerts, geofencing alerts, and more.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S101T

    S101T is an upgraded version of the S101 with battery device, which consumes low power and is the preferred device for motorcycle monitoring and management. Built-in anomaly detection chip, automatic recovery when the system is abnormal, with real-time monitoring, low-power alarm, track query, blind zone re-recording, etc.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S06U

    S06U not only supports satellite positioning,but also supports single base station and multi-base station positioning,built-in high sensitivity GPS and GSM antenna,supports real-time tracking,history playback, blind zone re-recording,oil cut-off,overspeed alarm,fence alarm,mileage statistics,ACC detection,power failure alarm,etc.,currently it is hot sales for our company.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S102

    S102 adopts GPS/base station dual-mode positioning mode, supports 24-hour all-weather real-time positioning, and 180-day historical track playback. It also has real-time monitoring, blind zone re-recording, ACC detection and power-off alarm + light-sensing.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S119U

    S119U adopts COMPASS/GPS/base station triple positioning mode, which is faster and more accurate. It has a built-in 150mah large-capacity battery. When the external power supply is not connected, it can immediately alarm to prevent theft of the vehicle. Support SMS, App, and platform to query vehicle status in various ways.

  • Vehicle GPS Tracker S208

    S208 supports a variety of intelligent alarm functions, such as: oil quantity alarm, temperature alarm, discharge alarm function, etc., mostly used in high-frequency high-sensitivity industry, suitable for multi-car company to carry out fleet management. At the same time, it has remote monitoring, blind zone re-recording, ACC detection and other functions.

  • Portable GPS Tracker S13

    S13 wireless device dual microphone automatic recording long standby positioning terminal, long standby 300 days! Platform & APP remote power on/off, one-click recording, listening to the sound around the device at any time. GPS/LBS/WiFi triple positioning, good signal, built-in strong permanent magnet steel, no wiring required for installation. The device also has real-time monitoring, blind zone re-recording, ACC detection and power-off alarm, tamper alarm and other functions.

  • Portable GPS Tracker S15

    S15 built-in GSM quad-band antenna, 7500mah high-power battery pack (rechargeable, real-time positioning (rechargeable), permanent strong magnetic adsorption, with photosensitive disassemble alarm function, suitable for container tracking, industrial vehicles, freight logistics, etc.

  • Portable GPS Tracker S18

    S18 is a simple and versatile tracker, wireless positioning, anti-detection and anti-search, reduce the risk of being dismantled, 3 years long standby (1 day positioning 1 time), Beidou/GPS dual mode positioning, speeding alarm, SMS , the client, the platform to query the location of the vehicle. Suitable for long-distance freight and personal special purposes.

  • OBD Tracker S701U

    S701U can display real-time location tracking, travel reports (locations, mileage reports, parking details, engine reports, speeding, etc.) on Google Maps, support 90-day history tracking playback, geo-fence through alerts, for computers and ios / Android APP with speed alert function, no GSM coverage, can save 1000 history, no wiring required - powered by simple plug-in for OBD II port.

  • OBD Tracker S709

    S709 is an advanced OBD interface GPS positioning and tracking device, which is used for real-time tracking of private cars. Support AGPS, can quickly capture signals, provide vehicle owners with vehicle location information and driving trajectory, predict the internal and external danger of the vehicle, and help the owner avoid unnecessary risks. Support real-time monitoring, remote monitoring, vibration alarm, low power alarm, SOS, speed alarm, tamper alarm and other functions.

  • 3G GPS Tracker S288G

    S288G is a functional position with built-in battery, ACC ignition monitoring, remote power off, SOS button alarm, monitor function, vibration function, overspeed alarm function, electronic fence, low battery alarm function. Suitable for fleets, car rental companies, logistics, buses, etc.

  • 3G GPS Tracker S308

    S308 is a best 3G vehicle GPS locator with multi-interface oil, temperature, camera, dual relay, scanner and other functions. Through WhatsGPS platform, we can query the speed positioning, various alarms and reports in real time. It has great commercial value in the fields of fleet management, freight logistics, car rental companies, buses and so on.

  • 4G GPS Tracker S06L

    S06L is a multi-interface 4G tracker that supports ACC ignition, built-in 100mah battery, external disconnection alarm function, real-time tracking, remote power-off function, support for monitoring and recording functions, and support for light sensor. It also provides over-speed alarm, electronic fence, low-power alarm and other functions.

  • 4G GPS Tracker S100

    S100 is a multi-mode positioning tracking device, built-in 400mah battery, with external disconnection alarm function, with ACC ignition monitoring, real-time tracking, support remote oil cut remote power-off function, provide vibration alarm, overspeed alarm, GEO electronic fence alarm, low power notification and other functions.

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