Vehicle GPS Tracker S102


S102 adopts GPS/base station dual-mode positioning mode, supports 24-hour all-weather real-time positioning, and 180-day historical track playback. It also has real-time monitoring, blind zone re-recording, ACC detection and power-off alarm + light-sensing.

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Parameter Packing
GSM: 900/1800Mhz Device Size:L78.5mm*W23.0mm*H12.0mm
GPRS : Class 12,TCP/IP
Weight: 23.7g
Working times: 0.5 hours
Standard Accessories: Power cable
Chip specification: MT2503D  
Positioning accuracy: <10 meters  
Support input voltage range: 9-36VDC/25mA (12VDC)  
TTFF(Open Sky): start ≤5s;Avg.warm Start≤30s;Avg.cold start ≤40s
Working temperature: -25℃ ~ +75℃
Data storage quantity: 300  

Quad-band system High performance chip Beidou/GPS positioning
History trace playback Power Off alarm Overspeed alarm
GEO fence alarm

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