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How does a real time gps tracker locate a car in real time?

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Real time GPS tracker has a great effect on protecting vehicles. The user can view the information returned by the locator in real time through the mobile phone or computer platform.

Many people think that positioning a car with a GPS navigator is enough. However, in fact, the reason why GPS navigators are able to “locate vehicles” is to provide navigation services because GPS navigators locate the position of the navigator, not the position of the car.

The GPS locator is a professional car positioning device, and the vehicle is positioned by installing the locator on the car. And how does the real time gps tracker locate the vehicle in real time? This article will answer it for you.

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1.Positioning principle of automobile GPS tracker

First of all, let’s briefly understand the positioning principle of automotive GPS locator. In fact, the working principle of automotive GPS locator is relatively simple. Automotive GPS positioning system is based on GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It locates or monitors remote vehicles through SMS or other methods. With mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function.

The car GPS locator receives data sent by GPS satellites, and then transmits these data to a server on the ground for analysis. Then we can view the installation or the location of the car with the car GPS locator in real time through a mobile phone or computer.

2. How do users see real-time location information?

The user wants to see the position information returned by the car’s real-time positioning, and needs to cooperate with the GPS positioning software platform. Each company uses a different platform. And when you buy a locator, merchants often sell it in conjunction with a car search platform. The two are indispensable. With the account and password login platform, you can see the relevant location information of the car.

3. Does the GPS locator need traffic?

Automotive GPS locators need to use traffic to transmit positioning information. But a month’s traffic is rarely used and the cost is not high. Don’t worry about not being able to afford it.

Real-time positioning has a great effect on protecting the vehicle, and it allows the vehicle to be recovered in time when it is stolen. Do you have any idea about real time gps tracker?

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