The Perfect Closing Ceremony of the HongKong Asia Consumer Electronics Fair 2019: SEEWORLD keep moving forward - SEEWORLD

The Perfect Closing Ceremony of the HongKong Asia Consumer Electronics Fair 2019: SEEWORLD keep moving forward

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  From April 11 to April 14, 2019, the Asia Consumer Electronics Fair, the largest electronic fair in the world, was solemnly held in HongKong. SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the exhibitors from all over the world who have more strength and professionalism.

   SEEWORLD Appears in a New Face in this exhibition, with eye-catching exhibition decoration, Show SEEWORLD’s most sincere and innovative products and services to all visitors in the exhibition, Among them are SEEWORLD’s latest and hottest products: S06U, S102T, S003, wireless device S18 and so on, as well as SEEWORLD’s own precise positioning  platform and customized financial wind control platform. It Successfully attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign visitors to the exhibition to stop and consult, and also caused considerable discussion among same industry. 

   During the four-days exhibition period, our exhibition room was surrounded by many exhibitors, including Chinese and foreign businessmen who showed great curiosity about SEEWORLD, and colleagues who came to exchange and learn. Our professional staff have always maintained a high degree of enthusiasm, with a full spiritual outlook to seriously treat every friend who came to consult and negotiate, carefully answer their doubts about SEEWORLD`S products, and fully show customers the use of products, leading customers to understand SEEWORLD’s hardware strength and software strength. After a series of orderly and professional explanations by staff, all the customers  showed great interest and cooperation intention to SEEWORLD, and also foreign friends and customers decided to reach a long-term cooperation agreement with SEEWORLD on the spot. 

   As a leader in Beidou GPS positioning industry, SEEWORLD’s products and services have been deeply loved and praised by customers and industry buyers, and play an inestimable role in the industry, but SEEWORLD never stops here.

   In this exhibition, SEEWORLD not only reached cooperation agreements with many businessmen and friends, but also had a profound interaction with exhibitors. Through interactive exchanges and cooperation, SEEWORLD has a clearer understanding of the development trends of the industry, extracted and absorbed the unique knowledge and understanding of the industry among the outstanding staff of the industry in the exhibition, and more clearly determined the future development and direction of the company. He hopes that in the future, he can help the development and progress of the electric vehicle networking industry with his own strength and and to inject the most vivid power into the life of intelligent vehicles!  

   At present, the grand banquet of electronic products was completed at the Asian International Exposition in HongKong yesterday, which brought the exhibition to a close, and SEEWORLD keep moving forward..

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