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Get A Live Dashcam View Of Your Fleet Vehicles

GPS FLEET TRACKING WITH CAMERA. Smart AI Video Solution & 4G Fleet Dash Cams. AI-powered dash camera for cars and a user-friendly fleet tracking platform for real-time monitoring and historical trip details, like vehicle tracking, geo-fence, video-based event messages, and much more. All-in-one fleet tracking solution.

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Improve Safety with SEEWORLD Commercial Dash Cams for Car.

Save on Fuel Costs With Actionable Data

SEEWORLD customers see their average MPG increase by 35% and a reduction in fuel costs of 20% by using our dash cam recorder for car.

Increase Productivity and Fleet Efficiency

Our customers report an over 40% increase in productivity on average after implementing fleet management system.

Prevent Accidents & Theft

SEEWORLD fleet dash cams for cars help drivers reduce their collision rate by up to 50%. Video telematics users can see an up to 68% reduction in accident costs.

Access The Video Proof You Need

Protect your business with the ability to defend against costly accident disputes and fraudulent claims with video evidence.

SEEWORLD 4G Vehicle Dashcam Range.

V5 - 4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

V6 - 4G Fleet Dash Cam with ADAS

V7 - 4G Dual Dash Cam for Fleet 1080P

All of SEEWORLD’s dash cameras for cars are equipped with GPS tracking features to provide a variety of location data. Details such as speed, time of an incident, the severity of impact, a precise location, and route identification are all able to be obtained when recovering footage.

Our dual dash cam camera for cars record both the road ahead and the interior of your vehicle. Ideal for rideshare drivers, families, and anyone seeking added security. Whether you opt for our standard 720P, and 1080P dash cams or go for the enhanced 1920P HD choices, you can enhance your vehicles’ road safety and security effortlessly.

Connecting your 4G car dash cam to our WhatsGPS tracking platform gives you a more thorough understanding of your fleet. Improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency with our cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking with camera solutions, providing real-time monitoring and valuable visual insights into your operations.

Protect Your Vehicles and Your Drivers with SEEWORLD Fleet Tracking System

SEEWORLD  dash cam footage is recorded second by second in HD video with an optional view, day or night, so you never miss a thing. The WhatsGPS is a true all-in-one fleet tracking system. We’ve combined dash cam video, vehicle diagnostics, GPS vehicle tracking, and other features in this platform, allowing you to customize solutions for fleets of any size. Get your fleet dash cam and all the telematics information you need to make your business run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions.

SEEWORLD driving recorder systems provide a high-visibility tool for lowering risk and increasing productivity among a driver pool. They generate “event” clips of speeding, distraction, and other risky behaviors that allow fleet administrators to coach drivers to improve. These snippets help exonerate commercial drivers when a passenger vehicle cuts off their truck. Video can also validate stops to ensure productivity metrics are met.

Once implemented, video telematics (especially systems powered by artificial intelligence) can result in a high return on the initial investment to deploy the technology.

AI cameras can do a lot more – do you need the capability? These systems can supercharge your driver safety initiative by delivering more accurate and timely event clips. They can provide automation such as in-cab audible alerts to help drivers self-coach. They offer improved detection of distraction and drowsiness and greater immediacy around alerting.

Accident video from dashcams validates that commercial drivers are often not at fault. The majority of truck accidents (80%) are caused by passenger cars, according to the American Trucking Association. Video from dash cameras is often rendered in high definition, showing how the accident unfolded. This gives a more accurate picture of the incident.

4G Fleet dashcams protect your drivers, help prevent frivolous claims & eliminate risky driving. Every 5 seconds a crash occurs and 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcams help you prove it and defend yourself from frivolous lawsuits that can have nuclear verdicts.

The process of finding the right fleet cam for your business can be difficult and confusing. You might need 1080p standared resolution dash cam for enhanced security, or you want a dual dash cam for monitoring driver behaviours. It all depends on your need. But don't worry. That is what SEEWORLD can help. Our experts are here to provide help with your camera needs. 

Yes and no. While a single device fleet tracking dash cam doesn't exist, in most cases fleet dashcams can be combined with fleet tracking hardware to provide a complete tracking and visibility system for your fleet. Our team of experts are here to help find the right fleet tracking dash cam system for your business.

Some dash cameras arrive as a “one box” solution – meaning the GPS tracking is built into the device – while others pair with a tracking module. You’ll need to know the components of the solution, so you can plan installation to minimize time the vehicles are out of service. Your telematics service vendor may be able to help you get the cameras and other hardware professionally installed or provide an installation guide for a self-install.

Learn More About Fleet AI Cameras and Tracking

Find out more about our 4G dash cam for cars and how our customers have utilized our camera fleet tracking solution to improve operations.


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