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About SIM card for GPS car tracker devices

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Those who know about the car GPS tracker know that the tracker needs to install a SIM card to achieve continuous tracking and other functions. Is the manufacturer ’s free card a false publicity? This article will explain the problem with the GPS car tracker devices.

1.The role of the SIM card

First, let’s understand the role of SIM cards. The GPS tracker itself does not require a SIM card. It is a complete system in itself. As long as the locator is powered, it can receive signals from more than 3 satellites to achieve positioning. However, this positioning is a two-way process, that is, the locator receives information, and also sends its own positioning information through the device, and calculates by receiving and reading the sent information to determine the location of the GPS device.

2. The role of the platform

The platform is a medium for car inspection and a centralized point for processing equipment data. Only through the platform software can the positioning data be parsed into Chinese addresses, realizing historical trajectories, electronic fences, and mobile phone terminal car inspection functions. Therefore, the GPS locator, SIM card, and platform software are a triangle. The most stable relationship is indispensable.

3. What’s going on with a card-free GPS tracker?

The free card promoted by the brand is because the GPS locator basically has a built-in chip card, that is, the chip of the card is directly welded to the motherboard when it leaves the factory, which simplifies the user’s trouble. Therefore, the so-called cardless GPS locator does not need to be purchased by itself, but the purchase price is already included in the price of the locator.

It should also be noted that the cards configured by merchants generally give away free traffic for a certain period of time. Later, they need to renew their own fees, and they are generally billed annually. Don’t worry at all.

Therefore, when you see the advertisement of the merchant saying “without card”, it is actually already on the motherboard. In particular, pay attention to the so-called lifetime traffic is free, do not easily believe that, you may use it for one year or two, the seller will use other excuses to deny. Polishing your eyes is the most important choice.

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