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Best GPS Trackers with Sim Card

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Many consumers considering purchasing a GPS tracker with a sim card but they might be put off by the membership cost that sometimes comes with the purchase price. It’s true. Most GPS tracker requires a subscription fee of over $20 per month, which might be a huge cost if you are a fleet manager.

However, the benefits of using a GPS tracker with a SIM card are countless. The built-in SIM card in your tracker allows it to communicate between devices wirelessly and send location data to the tracking platform. SEEWORLD GPS trackers with a SIM card also allow you to track your locations in real-time, ensuring that your fleet and asset is safe and secure.

Moreover, our tracking platform WhatsGPS is more competitive than other competitors. It provides all the basic and advanced features you need but costs only $2 for the first year ($8 for the next following years), and $15 for a lifetime plan.

Why Are SIM Cards Required for GPS Trackers?

Many people are wondering why so many GPS trackers require a SIM card. After all, there are GPS trackers that do not require a SIM card. It’s an excellent question, given that your phone’s GPS may function without a SIM card. So, why do so many GPS trackers require SIM cards, yet again?

The quick answer is as follows: If you wish to convey GPS location from one device to another (for example, from your GPS tracker to your tracking platform), you’ll need a SIM card so the two can “communicate.”

Best Mini GPS Trackers with a SIM Card

Best Hardwired GPS Trackers with a SIM Card

How to Choose a GPS Tracker with a SIM Card?

There are a few more nitty-gritty details to consider:

Battery: Is the battery interchangeable, non-exchangeable, or rechargeable? Someone who spends a lot of time outside and isn’t sure when they’ll be able to recharge, for example, would prefer to be able to switch batteries and keep going. Also, how long should the battery last on a single charge? 24 hours? Or seven days? Keep in mind that increased battery life generally comes at the expense of fewer features or higher pricing. What type of charging mechanism should be included in the tracker? Do you want to be able to charge it like a phone or have it permanently hooked into your car?

Range and Coverage: How far should the tracker be able to work? Is having a limitless range necessary, or would it be enough if it operates in your backyard? Are you going to use it in the city or in the country?

Waterproof:  Shock-proof? Chew-resistant?

Size and Weight: What size and weight should the tracker have? Is it necessary for it to be compact and light?

Other features: What more features would you prefer from your GPS tracker? Is it necessary for the gadget to be waterproof? Or other features like GEO-fence alarm, location history play track, and more?


Are you looking for a GPS tracker that comes with a SIM card?  Seeworld has a great selection of GPS trackers with a SIM card for sale: You may obtain whatever you need directly from the comfort of your own home. Keep a watch out on Seeworld for several specials on GPS trackers with a sim card, so you can get trackers at even cheaper costs! With so many options, you’ll be able to choose an excellent tracker that fits your budget.

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