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Can we remove the GPS tracker on electric motorcycles?

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With the wide spread of the electric motorcycles, it’s seem to be normal to install a GPS tracker on the vehicle.  However, usually the GPS tracker connect to the vehicle directly, so the owner or the enterprise is concerned about the battery’s situation, and therefore to remover the tracker to save the battery’s life.

So can we remover the GPS tracker?
Actually, it’s better not to remover the GPS tracker form the electric motorcycles, and here’s why.

1. Real-time monitor and multiple alarms

The basic function of GPS tracker is to prevent the vehicle form theft, so the real-time monitor and multiple alarms can help the vehicles anti-theft. The owner can check the vehicle’s postion anytime, and even after the vehicle was stolen, they can still find it back through tracking. And multiple alarms will detect the abnormal situations and warn the owner in time.


2. Remotely cut off the power

What if your electric motorcycles was unfornately being stolen, what should you do? Beside using the real-time monitor function you can also remotely cut off the power. It’s good for the owner or the enterprise to retrive the vehicle.

3. Mini size and low battery consume

Actually if you install the GPS tracker right there will be no power overconsume problem. Because some GPS tracker can perfectly adapt to the electric motorcycles, just like SEEWORLD’s S102T, it has mini size and low battery consume, and that is no harm to the battery.

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