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Car GPS tracker error problem

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Owners who have used an on-board GPS locator know that GPS may cause the actual position of the vehicle to be inconsistent with the position displayed on the GPS map for some reasons, with a certain deviation, or one or two hundred meters, or more. And we want to tell you that there is a deviation in the position displayed by the GPS locator, as long as the distance difference is not particularly large, it is normal.

1. Error range of GPS locator

The GPS locator is divided into military and civilian. The military requires very high accuracy, so the highest difference of this locator is one meter. The civilian GPS locator has an error within 10-20 meters under normal interference-free conditions, and the range deviation here is normal.

2.The reason for the gps car tracker error

However, the locator is an electronic product, and the on-board GPS works outdoors for a long time, so it will be affected by the driving environment such as weather, the number of GPS satellites, and even the atmosphere, which will increase the position deviation on the electronic map.

In addition to the weather, the positioning accuracy of the GPS locator is also affected by area, terrain, positioning method and even time. Like common underground garages and remote mountainous areas, the accuracy of GPS positioning will be worse than that of urban areas.

3. Method to reduce GPS locator error

If you want to reduce the error, you can reduce the error caused by the calculation of the signal during the reception process. The second owner should try to avoid extreme weather when using it, use it in open and sunny weather, and avoid high-rises, viaducts, remote mountainous areas Where the signal is poor, this minimizes errors.

It is normal for GPS positioners to have errors. If you encounter a situation where the error is not great during use, don’t be nervous, this is normal. If the error is very far away, it is necessary to eliminate whether it is a fault. You can consult a professional for professional help.

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