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Does Car GPS Tracker Work Without Battery? [GPS Types & How They Work]

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People frequently ask about the extras they purchase and install in their vehicles. “Does a car GPS operate without a battery?” is a question we frequently hear. They want to know if it’s available to track a car without a battery so they can make an informed decision before handing up their hard-earned cash. This question will be answered in this new post to ease your mind.

Do car GPS trackers operate without a battery? The short answer is yes, the plug-in connection GPS (OBD GPS trackers) and the hardwired GPS trackers can function without a battery as a car is able to generate electricity from both its operating engine and the car battery to power any mobile device without the use of external power sources.

In case you don’t know, there are generally three types of GPS car trackers. The plug-in connection GPS (OBD GPS trackers), the hardwired GPS trackers, and battery connection GPS (wireless GPS). Obviously, you are looking for the non-battery-required GPS tracker so that is why you are here. We will explain these three types of car GPS trackers in short and provide a list of the best car GPS tracker without a battery.

Types of Car GPS Trackers

  • Plug-in car GPS tracker. Plug-in car GPS tracker is also known as an OBD GPS tracker. It’s called that because all you have to do is plug it into your vehicle’s OBD connection and you’re ready to go. In case you didn’t know, OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. Some people prefer this way of connection since it is simple to set up and requires no special tools. Simply attach the GPS tracker to the OBD port.
  • Hardwired connection GPS tracker. Hard-wired GPS car trackers, as the name indicates, are plugged directly into the vehicle’s wiring. This technique is preferred by some users, especially if their car lacks the OBD port.
  • Battery-powered GPS tracker. GPS trackers that run on batteries are small, self-contained, and intelligent enough to include sensors that detect door openings or vibrations. Companies that manage fleets of cars and assets have discovered a variety of applications for them, notably in asset security and management.

Can a car be tracked without a battery?

Yes, your car can be tracked without a battery. All wireless GPS trackers have their own built-in power and they can work even though you don’t connect them to your car. With the Seeworld wireless GPS tracker, in fact, you don’t need to plug it into your car and enjoy the benefits of monitoring your car.

Does GPS work when the car is off?

Yes, GPS can work when your car is off. Drop us a message for more details.

Final Words

If you want to install a GPS car tracker but don’t want to deal with battery concerns, you now have choices. You can go for either plug-in car GPS trackers or hardwired connection GPS trackers.

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