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How to Install GPS Tracker in Car

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Many people want to install GPS Tracker on their vehicles for various reasons. But in the final analysis, it is still to improve the safety of vehicles from all aspects. For example, GPS Tracker’s real-time tracking function recovers stolen vehicles.

Some people may ask, is it complicated to install GPS Tracker? Most Trackers are easy to install and easy to use. But you must know that the tracker must be properly installed during installations. It is best to find it hard to find other than you. This way the thief will not disable it.

To properly install Tracker, it is best to seek advice from professionals first. Especially if you want to install equipment for a team. Giving it to a professional will save you time and effort. There is also after-sales service. Let me talk about some little things about installation:

How does Tracker Work?

The GPS Tracker receives signals from GPS satellites for accurate real-time location. The backend software stores all the basic data sent by the Tracker. This data will be displayed on the platform for viewing by the user when needed.

When you finish a complete installation of the tracking device, you can see the vehicle details on the platform . You can also set up related functions such as fences on the platform.

How to Determine the Installation Location of The Device?

It is important to determine where the Tracker is installed. If you accidentally damage it, it will damage the device. You cannot install the tracker in the place where it can interfere with satellite signals. Otherwise, the information transmitted may be inaccurate. If you want to install the tracker outside the vehicle, you need to choose a durable Tracker.

There are 3 types of GPS Tracker. Battery-powered Tracker, hardwired GPS Tracker, and OBD port Tracker. Depending on how you install it, you can choose a different GPS Tracker.

What is The General Location of the Trackers Installation?

The GPS Tracker installation process varies from brand to brand. But the best places to install Tracker are generally the following:

  • Under the co-pilot;
  • The position of the deputy in the glove box;
  • The front bumper;
  • The door glove box;
  • The rear bumper;
  • The rear windshield.

How to install a GPS tracker in your car

To enable GPS Tracker to track and monitor your vehicle in a normal and accurate manner. A complete installation is required in two parts:

  • Hardware installation

Connect the power: Power on the device before installation. There are two types of device power: battery powered and hardwired to the car battery.

Battery-powered devices are easier, just charging them regularly. Each model has different charging and usage times. Specific parameters can ask the manufacturer. Some battery-powered Trackers may charge once a few weeks. But if you need to update your location in real-time, it may take up to two days to charge.

The power supply connected to the car battery is not charged. The installation process is more complicated. If the user is not familiar with the wiring of the car, it is best to give it to a professional.

There is also a special OBD Tracker that connects to the OBD-II port on the car. The OBD-II port is the driving force for Vehicle tracking equipment.

Place hidden:  After the power is normal, place the tracker in a relatively hidden place. Make sure it is not known to others and affect the security of the device. At this point, you finish the installation of GPS tracking device.

  • Software Installation

For the Tracker to work properly, besides the installation is correct. You also need to download the tracking software. Check if the device can send location data normally. You can do it on the tracking software. If you don’t understand what to do at the beginning, ask the vendor for instructions.

Tracking software can set your vehicle information, such as license plate number. Once you complete it, you can start tracking the vehicle in real time. When the vehicle encounters something like theft, you will receive a notification on your phone.

In genneral, it comes with an instruction manual when you buy the GPS Tracker. You can follow the steps in the manual to complete the installation. After installation, check if the tracking device can correctly transfer the location data. The user can then view the real-time location of the vehicle on the web or the phone at any time.

In fact, we recommend that you buy a GPS Tracker from a reputable vendor. And they send professionals to help you to complete the installation, so as not to solve the problem. Of course, if you believe in your strength, you can also purchase equipment to install it yourself.

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