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Login password for GPS tracker app

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When purchasing a GPS tracker, the tracker manufacturer will tell you that you need a username and password to set up the GPS tracker. This username and password is used to log in to the app to view vehicle information. However, we also know that one person does not have only one platform and one password. When there are multiple passwords, they often confuse or forget the corresponding password. Then when you want to log in to the platform to view the vehicle information, you will find that you have forgotten the password of the onboard GPS tracker. What should I do at this time? This article will solve these problems for you:

1. What is the GPS locator app?

GPS locator app is a positioning system platform. It allows users to see the relevant location information of the vehicle on their mobile phones. It is equivalent to a receiving platform. The device transmits the received information to the background, which converts the data into easy-to-understand information and presents it to users. Secondly, some functions also need to be set on the app, such as setting up electronic fences, turning on alarms, and so on. So it’s important. In addition to mobile apps, there are usually corresponding web-based platforms.

2. GPS locator app login related issues

For some people, it is difficult to remember a password forever. What to do if you forget your account password when logging in to the app, here’s what to tell you:

(1) Under what circumstances can I determine that I forgot my account password?

No matter what platform you are using, as long as you are reminded that your account password is wrong when you log in, and make sure that your account is entered correctly, and you do n’t know what the real password is, you need to retrieve it.

(2) What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you cannot retrieve it on the platform. You can find the seller of the GPS locator, contact them directly by phone, or go to Tmall Jingdong’s customer service and ask them to reset your password for you. Because the seller is the service provider of the device, they have the advanced management rights of the platform and can reset your password for you through their management account (but you cannot modify your password). After resetting your password, your password is the initial password .

(3) How to reset the password?

If you want to set a common password that is easy to remember, then after you log in, find the [Password] function of the platform and follow the instructions to change it.

If you have forgotten your login password, you can follow the steps above.

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