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The importance of the gps location tracker for the logistics industry

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The scientific and intelligent improvement brought by the GPS management system has continuously improved the company’s credibility, and has been continuously recognized and supported by customers and the industry. The introduction of GPS management technology in the logistics industry can bring visible savings to the company, stable customer growth, and increase competitiveness in the same industry.

This article tells you the benefits of GPS technology for the logistics industry:

1. Position the vehicle

The GPS tracker has a built-in receiver that can receive positioning signals transmitted by satellites. With these signals in hand, the gps location tracker can calculate the distance and time traveled by the vehicle based on the interval between the two signal receptions, and can also locate the vehicle.

Effective positioning of vehicles and understanding of their past and current locations are critical to the logistics industry. Logistics companies can use these trajectories to determine which transportation roads can make transportation time shorter, which means that they can reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and make transportation more efficient.

These trajectories can also help the transportation company to judge that the driver intentionally detours, delays the transportation time, and acts of smuggling. These actions not only make customers have a bad impression on the company, but also directly cause the company’s economic loss.

2. Improve work efficiency and reduce costs

After the GPS tracker‘s activity track is recorded on the platform, the platform can also automatically generate statistical reports, which will record all past GPS tracker alarms, including overspeed alarms, which is also important for the company to judge whether the driver is driving at an excessive speed prove.

According to a report from a US psychological institute, truck drivers who know they have a gps locator in their car will behave more aggressively than before. When they drive, they will be more energetic. They know that they are likely to be closely controlled by their boss, and they dare not go round the road, cross the bridge and deliberately go on the highway. This greatly improves the transportation efficiency of the entire fleet.

After a period of time, you will also find that the company ’s expenditures on road and fuel costs have decreased, drivers ’speeding and fatigue driving behaviors have been reduced, the accident rate has been reduced overall, and safety has been greatly improved.

In addition, the fuel tank of the cart is the most insecure. Because it is obviously installed outside, thieves are very easy to get started. If they are stolen, they will lose a lot of fuel. The vehicle gps tracker can handle this problem perfectly. It has an intelligent real-time oil level monitoring system. If the vehicle oil is greatly reduced, it will immediately issue a fuel theft alarm.

For the logistics industry, installing the gps location tracker is very useful.

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